Good Snowy Morning to You!

Or should I say icy? I went outside to try to dig out and the shovel couldn't make it through the layer of ice. Oh well! I get to spend some time updating my blog and reading all of your blogs! I also have to clean and do my Avon order. Right now the dishes and the Avon order will have to wait because my husband will need the hot water and I can't make it to my car yet! I'm hoping that the sun will come out and I'll at least be able to dig out.

I wish I could blog about work! Yesterday was a REALLY bad day and 2 people in particular REALLY pissed me off! oh well! Let's just say that I hate it when you ask someone to do something and they don't.

It's Valentine's Day today. I only got my husband a card this year because we are saving our money to move or get a new car whichever has to be done first. I also had no idea what in the hell to get him. We don't need anything but want everything. I decided to make me coffee this morning instead! Most of you are wondering what the big deal is with making coffee. Well, I don't drink coffee and my husband lives off of it. I hardly ever make it for him because I don't drink it. I thought it would be nice to make him coffee especially since I'm not working today!! If I was working, I wouldn't be doing it but don't tell him that!

Well, I better go take him a cup!!

What are you doing for your loved one today?

Thanks for stopping by!!


My boss is coming to get me! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We don't do Valentines.(The loving wife's idea.) Lost 3 trees to the ice storm last night. Work for the local utility and we had 120,000 customers without power this morning. No time to post, just some quick reading and comments while I choke down some pizza.

I sent 18 long red roses to my girlfriend and 20 tulips to my mom, Kristi. I didn't make coffee for either of them tho.

We had a very cold rain here this morning but since it was hovering around 35 no snow fell. Maybe later this week when it dips down into the teens. Brrr. Enjoy your day off, Kristi and Happy Valentine's Day!

My hubbie and I are saving cash as well to go to my brother's wedding in Mexico and take the two kidlings with no pressies for us save a back of Hershey's kisses.

I always wish I could blog about work too but you just never know who is reading. My day was terrible and my boss is beyond normal. I have a university degree, have been in the work force for many years and have a pulse but she still thinks she has to tell me to tie my shoes in the morning and it's driving me to drink!!!
I have an interview tomorrow with the Federal government so maybe I'll be getting someone else to tie my shoes before long.
Great blog. I'm not really an American Idol fan past the first few episodes unfortunately. We have Canadian Idol up here and our former Prime Minister's son is the host and it sucks!!!!!! I wouldn't watch it again if I was being forced at gunpoint. Shoot me instead please. I do like Simon though. Usually he's right about the talent or lack there of. I've watched more than I care to admit publically but I missed the show and now I must hide in shame...please don't tell anyone.