The Final 24 - FINALLY

Tonight's the night! The rumors will be put to rest! The top 12 guys and the top 12 girls on American Idol will be announced officially. I've read the rumors and I'm hoping that it's true that Chris Sligh is one. I'm pretty sure it is since his blog isn't updated yet and there's nothing new on his MySpace site. In case you missed it, here's the group performance to end all group performances!

This is the first time I tried to post a video! I got it to work but it took a bit of messing around (and some stealing of HTML code)! Thanks Rickey!!

I'm letting my Tivo record a bit of the show before I start. I'm also trying to play poker at the same time so I won't be posting anything until I'm done watching the whole thing. I SOOO have A.D.D.!!!!

Here we go!

Hi Ryan!! This would be the same set up as all other years but I'm still excited!! It's the Walk of Fame or the Walk of Shame because This is American Idol!!!

We have a few comments from the contestants as usual. First up is Sanjaya Malakar. I've heard he makes it. It's sad about his sister getting cut but he was the better singer of the two. Let's see if the rumor was true. They show a clip of him that's not that great and of course we hear from him about his sister. He made it!!!

Next is Anna Kerns. Who's she? Have we seen her before? Oh yeah!! The Amazon woman!! She didn't make it. Too bad!! She doesn't believe it and she is trying to make her case and she should just leave! Bernard Williams, now I know I haven't seen him! I know they edit this all later so why can't we see more of the people who are going to make it and less of the sob stories. Will we see the girl who's dad shot himself or is she already gone? Who knows. Back to Bernard who doesn't make it. He's kind of scary looking!! I think if Randy or Simon would have told him he was gone, he would have jumped over the table and killed them. Good choice to go with Paula on that one!

We see the holding room. You know that all of the one's that are left are hoping that Bernard didn't make it. That just means their chances just got better! They all act surprised and dismayed. Maybe just a little too much. Did you see the over acting job by Gina?

Rapid Fire "no's" for Eric Davis and Tammy Gossnow. They didn't even show their names so I could get the spelling right! Man! I liked Tammy! She was very interesting I thought. I don't know about Eric because this was the first time and the last time I will ever see him.

Melinda Dolittle is next and is also rumored to have made it. She's a back-up singer or at least she was. Get ready girlfriend! You're going to be a Front-Up singer now!! Get it? I hope the pressure of being in the spot light doesn't get to her. Who am I kidding! I'm not a fan of least not yet. That video they showed of her singing didn't do anything for me either.

Another back-up singer is born...I mean stuffed in the elevator! Brandon Rodgers is next to get the go ahead or the axe. I've heard that he makes it and that he's even projected to be this year's winner. Come on America!! Let's show those AI people that we can be manipulated that easily! Quick! Download the DailIdol software and vote for CHRIS SLIGH! Alright, I know they haven't announced that he made it yet but so far the rumor mill has been correct so I'm pretty hopeful at this point!

Back to Brandon...he made it! Those must be his parents! How sweet!

Great clip of Chris before the break!!
(I found out I can't do three things at once! Well, I can do three things at once but I can't do them well! I went all in with a queen/jack suited and got beat on the river by a set of 5s! So much for poker!)

Back from the break. More of Ryan in the waiting room. I don't think the contestants need to be reminded again that for everyone that makes it, it's one less spot available for them. Although, they may not. After all, after six seasons, people still forget their words on group night is just plain wrong. In their defense, it is hard to sing a song with just the music playing and none of the words. Remember the first time you tried karaoke? Not that easy is it?

While we hear her story, the rumor is the Gina Glocksen makes it and she does! Boy, the rumor mill is right on tonight! I like her!

Then two more go down! Jimmy McNeal and Errick Johnson will have to continue their struggle. That felt kind of like a drive-by! It always breaks my heart to see a man cry! Poor Errick! I wish I could tell you if he was any good but, like with the earlier Eric, this is the first time and the last time we will see him. I remember Jimmy from his audition and I liked him. Maybe he'll be back next year. It also breaks my heart when men talk about their mama's!

Tick-Toc look at the clock!!

Haley Skin-somebody-o is next and I think she might have made it. The list I saw had a Haley/Hailey on it so I'm thinking it's her. Anyway, the video clips of her makes me wonder how she made it this far. She seems very boring to me and a little off key. She made it! And her name is Haley Scarnato. Don't like her. Not voting for her. Just saying.

Let's see who's next for the hangman! It's Phil Stacey the new papa! Remember, he missed his second child's birth to audition. I can't remember if I saw his name on the list or not. Let's hope he makes it. If not, I don't think he'll get another chance to make another baby anytime soon! I like his video. He could sing the pants off me any day! He...makes it!! Hate the sideways hat!

Who was that chick in the yellow shirt with the big hair? Doesn't look like she made it. We will see...after the break!
(I still need to watch Days, 24, House, and Bones! Wedding Bells looks funny. Too bad I don't watch sitcoms.)

Break is over.

Tick-Toc look at the clock!

Ryan says there are 28 left. And now more filler. A Simpsons movie? Hasn't the Simpsons been on for like 200 years and they're just NOW getting a movie? Haven't they done everything by now? What's left? Well, I guess we're going to see a clip. I want more Idol not more Simpsons! At least I won't be wasting my money to see that. Chris!!! There's Chris!

It's the moment of truth for my favorite, Chris Sligh!! He's funny! Great video! He could sing the pants off of me too but he's a devote Christian and married...then again, so is Phil (at least with the married part)! He makes it of course! VOTE CHRIS! Come on all you Sligh-dols! VOTE CHRIS!! VOTE CHRIS!! Fro-Patro! Fro-Patro! YES!!! Did I say he's my favorite? Did I also tell you that he let me be one of his MySpace "friends"? Check it out!

Blake is next and he makes it. I like Blake and not his hair. I don't think he could sing my pants off either. Short clip of the best group performance ever! Thomas Lowe didn't make it. They show a VERY bad clip of poor Rudy Cardenas. What the hell was that?!? Simon wasn't crazy about it either! Some how he made it! That's 3 out of the 4 in the group! Yeah! Too bad about Thomas, I think he was the best looking one of the bunch.

I could really stop here because I know my guy made it and I'm happy!!! Fro-Patro! On with the show! I guess not...clips of people still waiting then the break!
(I love Tivo!! Oh look! A Career Builder commercial. Them are funny!! Oh! And an Avon commercial! How much did that cost them? If you want it, I have it!!! Here's my Avon website. BTW, men can use it too!)

Back from the break. Guess what! The remaining contestants are nervous! Takes brains to figure that one out!

Back story on Paul Kim. I taking a guess and saying that he makes it but I don't think he'll go to far. If you're not that hot, you have to sing REALLY well, just ask Elliott Yamin!! I still LOVE him! I have him singing "Trouble" as my ring tone. I think my husband is getting sick of it. It's too bad because he lost his phone yesterday and is borrowing mine! We used it as our alarm clock in Vegas last year. It's really loud! Anyway, back to Paul Kim. He's going to be barefoot. I like that about him. Whenever I go to some one's house, the first thing I do is take off my shoes. I can't stand shoes which is very strange for a woman! TMI from Paul! I DON'T want to know about his underwear. What's with all these bad clips! I know these people must have sang something good at some point otherwise they wouldn't have made it this far. (My new mantra: Voting begins next week, voting begins next week, voting begins next week!) He made it.

Jordin Sparks is very cute. Hey! It's a good video for once. Oh no! I think that's the kiss of death! They show bad clips of the people that make it and good clips of the people that don't. Oh those AI people are evil! Love her shirt! I was wrong! She made it! I like her!

Olivia Quiba-Hurst is gone. I didn't even know she was there. Tatiana McConnico didn't make it either. I think she was the little girl that could sing really well but hadn't hit puberty yet. Monique Vieras is going home too. Don't remember her at all.

I remember Tommy Daniels from the first night of auditions. He was the only one that I liked that night. His hair is smaller. I think he makes it. We'll have to wait and see because AJ Tabaldo is next. If he doesn't make it this time, he shouldn't try again. Five times is too much! Another good video, he's kind of cute and I like his voice. He made it!

Stephanie Edwards is going through! I like her voice in the video but it's nothing I haven't heard before. We shall see. Leslie Hunt has a unique voice and she made it! I'll be watching her. Nick Pedro is the next one up and he is a hottie!! He could sing ALL of my clothes off! Don't worry Chris! You're still my man...for now anyway! Nick could be the next Ace and I didn't like Ace all that much. Pretty boys get on my nerves. He made it! Break time.
( I am writing way too much. If you've made it this far, thank you and congratulations! I'll write less next week...promise.)

We're Back!! Tick-Toc look at the clock...again!

It's Alaina Alexander's turn and she's afraid of the chair. Not really, she just...say it with me..NERVOUS! I guess she's going to sit now. The video is bad but that doesn't mean anything. She did however mess up the words and she's a little pitchy. (Note: to me pitchy = bad.) Please, just tell her if she made it! She's nervous and will continue to talk if you let her. I've been there. I think the technical term is diarrhea of the mouth. Good thing she made it. I would have hated to see what she would do if she didn't make it. She still has word vomit happening. Someone stop her!

Chris Richardson sounds good and in rapid fire time, he makes it! Sabrina Slone makes it too. Another drive by of the good kind! Jerome Chism isn't so lucky. He take three to the chest before he goes home. Neither is the yellow girl with the big hair. Joelle James has to pack her bags. Brokenote cowboy, Matthew Buckstein, didn't make it. I was hoping he would. Princess Johnson didn't make it thank goodness. I'm not sure how many people would have voted for someone named Princess. People! Please think about what name you are giving to your child! They are the ones that have to live with the name you think is cute after drinking a fifth of vodka! Come on!

Lakisha Jones (another example of a bad name) left her little girl to pursue her dream. I'm not sure if I like that or not. Who knows how I would have turned out if my mom did that. Maybe better. JUST KIDDING MOM!! I love you!!! Guess what Simon, she's nervous. Image that! Lakisha is moving on!

Is it time for the final 2 guys and girls yet? YES! I haven't been keeping track. Are there two spots open for the guys still? I don't know. Tommy and Sundance are head to head....after the break. Not good!

We're back and there are now seven left. Nicole Tranquillo makes it! What's up with the hand signal from Jared Cotter? If he makes it, we might be seeing that a lot. And we will be. This has shades of Jasmine Trios and the flower in her hair. Amy Krebs made it too.


The girls are first and Marisa Rhodes is going home and BFF Antonella Barba is going on! The guys are next and Jason "I'm not calling him Sundance any more" Head who sucked in Hollywood made it and cute Thomas Daniels is going home. I don't like this at all. on America! Download the DialIdol software and check to AI sites listed on the right under the Roll Call!!

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And here I was feeling bad for missing the show. Thanks for the update. Can I give you my list of shows in case I have to miss them. Then you could give me the update here.

No problem!! Well, my husband might not like it because he wouldn't get to play poker!!

Wow - I think that is more exciting than watching it!

I catch some of American Idol over here sometimes - they are still touring the States with audiitons here. Some of them have been hilarious adn truly starnge! Who told some of these people they could sing????

Hope your favourite wins!

Wow, that is some post! Thanks for the shout out and stopping by the log.