It's Another Monday!

I know, it's really Tuesday but it feels like Monday to me! I was out of town this weekend in Atlantic City. Didn't win a thing! Right before we went, my car broke down. It's needed a new transmission for a while now but we just haven't had the money and since it's good for in town driving, we thought we'd wait until we got our tax money back to fix it. Well, I thought we weren't going to be able to do that. I thought the ice/snow storm we had last week did the transmission in. The good news is that it didn't. The bad news is that there is either something bad in my gas or something wrong with the fuel system. I got some "dry gas" and put it in and hopefully that will work.

Do you know what "Dry Gas" is because I didn't. I hate it when guys tell you things and just assume that you know what they're talking about. I was looking for a bottle that said "Dry Gas" on it. I didn't know that what I should be looking for was something to take the moisture out of my gas tank. In other words, I needed something to DRY the GAS. My husband said they sold it at Sheetz (regional 7-11) and I shouldn't have any problem finding it. Well I looked! I went to 3 different places before I gave up and went to some auto parts store. I asked at the counter and they gave me something called "HEET." Does that sound like Dry Gas to you? Well, it didn't to me! Anyway, I bought it for a whole $1.14 and went to the gas station to fill up. I'm crossing my fingers!!

Since today is really Tuesday, it's time for American Idol!! YEAH!!! I'll try to keep this brief (we'll see how that goes). I downloaded the DialIdol software and started installing it a 7pm. I thought an hour would be plenty of time. Again, I was wrong. I still haven't gotten the damn thing to work and it's 8:45! I'm giving up and I going to trouble shoot it during this week and get it running by next week.

It's time to start my Tivo because THIS is American Idol!!

Ryan is doing the required intros: band, Idols, and judges. A little back ground from last year, the first position is usually the kiss of death and the last position is the pimp spot. It's the spot that most people remember the most and vote for first. I'm hoping that Chris gets that spot.

Paula seems okay tonight. We'll see how the night progresses. Simon is rather short tonight. He's usually spot-on with what he says.

Now, it's a trip down memory lane which was only a few weeks ago so I don't think we really needed but it is a two hour show tonight so I guess we're going to get a lot of filler!!!!

It's the guys night and first up is Rudy (see previous post for spelling of entire name...same for all idols). Holy shit! Are we going to get this much shit on everyone?!!??! It's going to be a long 2 hours! The song if "Free Ride." He's not too bad. His eye is a bit distracting. Not real exciting but not bad. Randy says: corny. Paula says: lively and up tempo. Simon says: touch your nose! Ha-Ha. No, Simon says: nothing to remember, not distinctive. To vote: 1-866-43657-01

Another damn break! Oh well, it's Tivo! Fast forward and we're back!

Next is Brandon. More break ground crap! The song is "Rock with You." Wasn't sure what is was in the beginning. It was really slow and boring. I think I mentioned that I didn't like pretty boys in the last post and I want to put Brandon in the pretty boy camp. Pretty boys are cute and they KNOW they are. Randy say: too pitchy and too many runs. Paula says: same thing as Randy. Simon says: safe song without impact. I agree with all of the judges. To vote: 1-866-43657-02

Now we have Jason "I'm not calling him Sundance anymore" Head. With all this background junk, I'm going to catch up with real time soon! The song is "Nights in White Satin" or is in Knights? Whatever! I'm not impressed. He sound way off key to me. I still think Tommy should have made it instead of him. Randy says: pitchy all the way through. Paula says: wrong song and pitch was all other the place. Simon says: went way off and wedding singer-ish - "I don't like you tonight." I have to agree with Simon. To vote: 1-866-43657-03

Fast forward!!! Love me some Tivo! I started 45 mins late and have already made up 15 minutes!

Paul Kim is number four. Not a big fan of his so far. Let's see how he sings. The songs is "Careless Whisper." Love the song. Hate him singing it. No shoes is not good. Doesn't he know how many germs are on the floor? Does he go to the bathroom without shoes? OUCH!! That note hurt me!!!! Randy says: see a lot of promise. Paula says: over sang and pitchy. Simon says: wear shoes and ordinary copy of George Michael, it was a third rate version. I have to agree with Simon. To vote: 1-866-43657-04

Simon says don't play it safe. Has any of the contestants ever watched American Idol? Simon says that EVERY year.

Chris Richardson is next up. Time to fast forward through the background crap. The song is "I don't want to be." Oh god!! Elliott rocked this song last year and Chris is NOT rocking it. It's a good song but Elliott was awesome! I kinda thought he was going for the Elliott vibe but he didn't make it. I have a feeling that he just turned off all Elliott fans (he did me). Randy says: feels like show just started with this performance. Paula says: great arrangement (what the hell is Paula talking about). Simon says: voice sounded very small and a bad vocal. Has everyone forgotten about Elliott?? To vote: 1-866-43657-05

Fast forward...again.

Next is Nick. The song is nothing I know. He needs to stand up straight. Kinda boring. He doesn't have the power I like and I hate falsetto! As you can tell, I didn't really like it. I didn't write anything. Randy says: not good, really boring, and pitchy. Paula says: fell flat. Simon says: didn't think it was that bad, lost his spark, and very nervous. I agree with Randy this time. To vote: 1-866-43657-06

Lucky number seven is Blake. The song is nothing I know again. I like him. His voice is really nice and seems more powerful then the previous contestants. Is this a U2 song? I'm voting for him. Really liked it. Randy says: Keen song, dug it, good job, liked it. Paula says: proud, picked an unexpected song, loved it. Simon says: not the best but sounded current and the best performance tonight. To vote: 1-866-43657-07

I'm am now only 17 minutes behind now!!

Sanjaya is next. The song is another song Elliott did last year. If you haven't figured out, I'm an Elliott fan. I think I might have mentioned it before. Boy this is boring. Where's and soul? Oh well. Randy says: trying to look at bright side but can't, it was really bad. Paula says: he's really sweet (kiss of death). Simon says: most dreary performance of the evening. I agree with all of them. To vote: 1-866-43657-08

My boy Chris Sligh is next! He' s funny!!The song is something I don't know/ He's voice is good but his performance is a little Donna and Marie. I love him!!! I bet you're surprised at that! Randy says: rushing but right on pitch wise, is a Chris fan. Paula says: rushing but liked it. Simon says: felt like at a weird student gig. I agree with everyone but Simon. To vote: 1-866-43657-09

Chris slammed Simon on TeleTubbies and El Devo!!! Simon is uncomfortable!! I think that' s the first time for that.

Jared is number ten. The song is "One." I don't like this song but it reminds me of Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live (My Dick in a box). Didn't like it. He tried falsetto. Randy says: hated to ending, it as all right. Paula says: like up tempo songs better. Simon says: it was and unadventurous performance but you looked good. To vote: 1-866-43657-10

I'm now only 8 minutes down!

Number 11 is AJ. The song is something that's sounds like a million other songs. He's not bad but the song isn't great. It doesn't really require a big vocal range except for the falsetto part. That's the kiss of death in my book! Randy says: having a good time, vocally pretty good, nothing new. Paula says: you can sing and the girls love you, go for it more. Simon says: it was good, not great, not terrible, theme park performance. I agree with Simon for the most part. To vote: 1-866-43657-11

I guess Phil is last, pimp spot! I'll skip through the new baby back story. The song is "I could not ask for more." Oh my lord! He is so off key! He's corrected himself during the louder part for the most part. They are working the camera pretty good for him too. Didn't like it. Randy says: started rough but best vocal performance of the night. Paula says: agree with Randy. Simon says: beginning was monsterish and didn't nail it. I agree with Simon. To vote: 1-866-43657-12

I'm not sure about these guys. I know it's only the first week of competition but it is the last week for two of the guys. They didn't perform like their life's depended on it and they should have. Let's hope the girls are better. Simon is right, it's not the best group of vocalist in Idol.

I'm voting for Chris Sligh and Blake. The rest have to pick it up next time!!

Thanks to all who stop by and read my stuff!!!

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I know what you mean about men talking about things like you should know, but I hate it even more when they assume I know nothing simply because I'm a woman.

Simon Cowell makes mw laugh - I love the expresion on his face during open auditions when someone is really bad!