It's the Girl's turn now!

It's the girls tonight, let's hope that they are better then the guys. According to Dial Idol Jason Head (now to be called TCFKS = The Contestant Formally Known as Sundance) came in first. It looks like Vote For the Worst is working their magic!

Well, Mike and I played poker tonight so I'm watching this on Tivo late so I won't put up the numbers tonight. By the way, I came in 9th and Mike came in 6th!

Ryan goes over what happened last night and all the introductions and now I'm ready to fast forward!

First up after 13 minutes is Stephanie Edwards. The song is something I don't know...again! She's not too bad but we've seen her type before. Fantasia is much better. "You need to step it up a notch, girl!" Mike yelled! I agree! Not bad over all. Better then the opener last night. Randy: huge difference between last night and tonight, loved the run. Paula: What a performer you are, great. Simon: a million times better then anyone last night. I don't know about all that! I thought she would good but not outstanding.

So far tonight is at least shaping up to be better than last night. Oh good! They next people are singing songs I know!

Ryan is back and talk, talk, talk! Let's hear more of the singing and less of the filler!

Next up is Amy. The song is "I can't make you love me." I love this song! She's okay but, again, not outstanding. Kinda of boring just standing there with her hand up. I know it's not a dancing song but she could walk around at least. I do that much at Karaoke. Randy: too safe. Paula: she agrees with Randy because the blues is gone. Randy translates what Paula said to Simon. Simon: personality of a candle?? What the hell does that mean? Who knows? All I know is that it wasn't great but still better then most last night. Simon then called her forgettable again.

Leslie is next. I like her. She is singing "Natural Woman." Another great song! I'm waiting for the hook for her to blow me away. Nope, didn't do it. Needed more power. Wait! I think she's doing it. Better! I kinda liked it! She has something different but I don't think it showed enough. Randy: hoping for greatness but song was too big. Paula: great job however not that great of a song choice. Simon: wasn't great, said she looks embarrassed. I didn't see that. I think Simon is off a little tonight. I like her.

Now, more commercials! I love Tivo (I think I've said that before)!

Third is Sabrina. The song is "Never Loved a Man." (maybe) This is a great song for her. Mike doesn't like her already. I will have to say that it was a little over the top. Randy: she's the one to beat. Paula: gives her a standing O WITH seal clap. Simon: she has a desire to win and best one so far. I'd have to agree but still not up to past years. I don't know about this season. They better get better...quick!!

BFF Antonella is up next. She's singing "Don't Want to Miss a Thing." Poor start BFF!! Picking it up a bit. OH! Bad note!!! I'm not liking her performance. I feel that it's kinda all over the place. I also HATE it when they don't sing the entire word at the end of a line ("Doo" instead of "Door")!! Randy: pitchy, not good. Paula: not great but wasn't bad. (Oh no! Kiss of death from Paula) "You're a beautiful girl." Simon: (another kiss of death) "your attractive," it was too big for you. Mike says that the dad is going to take out a contract on Simon! Watch out Simon!!

Holy crap!! TOO MUCH FILLER!!!!!

Jordin is up next. The song is "Give me one Reason." I sing this song all the time at Karaoke because it's easy. She is adding some runs and stuff. It's okay. I think she's better then the song. She's better then most of the guys. She's bringing it on now!! Loved the ending!!! She blew it out! GREAT! Finally!!!! Someone to vote for!!! Randy: trying to find some good things about it?!? (What the hell? Clean out your ears Randy!) She is too big for the song. Paula: it was fun, go for it, go for it, go for it! Simon: she's got a very good voice and she needs to push it. I agree!! Me like!!

I have an idea! Let the contestant sing longer songs and charge more for the commercial and show less of them! Give me more!!!! Damn!!

Nicole is next. The song is something I don't know (what else is new). What the hell is this?!?! What is mess! This song is bad and she isn't doing a good job. Screaming is not a good way to go unless you're in a heavy metal band. Randy: it wasn't really working, rough, not the right song. Paula: something that didn't make sence to me (I'm a thinkin' that Paula's been a drinkin'!) Simon: unnatural and fake, she can sing but it was a VERY bad song for her. She's going down!!! "Wrong vibe," said Randy.

Haley is next. This is the Meatloaf and Kat song from the finally last year isn't it? Not a good choice! Her version is boring and I don't like it one bit. She did not do a good job. Randy: doesn't like it, it was just okay but he does say it was a nice choice. Paula: nice job and you look nice. Simon: sounded too old, hotel singer, good voice but should sound younger. I agree with Simon, boring!! I think she's gone too.

Melinda is next and I hope she blows me away. The song is yet another one I don't know. She's bringing it tonight! Not enough variety in the song/vocals for me. She's an excellent singer but I'm not feeling it. I guess the song is "Since You've Been Gone." I'm sure the judges will love it. Randy: Yo! Yo! You were hot!! That was the bomb! Paula: you're a front runner and a fire cracker (I NEED to find out what Paula is on!). Simon: fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. She was good, best singer but I wasn't feeling it.

The Crying girl, Alaina, is next with "Brass in Pocket" Too bad she followed Melinda. "Wedding Singer!" Mike yells. He wants to know how she made it this far. I'm wondering that myself. I don't think she's special. Not a great ending. Randy: not great, song was okay, pitchy. Paula: didn't make it her own. Simon: taking the words from the song she is not special!! (I beat Simon to that line!!) I agree with the judges and she may be one of the ones that will be leaving tomorrow. She's not crying...yet. I think she might!!

Paula's got big hair, big collar, big earrings...BIG monkey on her back!!

Gina is next!! I'm hoping for the best. The song is "All by Myself." Slow, steady start to this performance. She needs to pick it up. I want to be blown away. Not a bad power note. She worked it out!! Loved it! I'm going to be watching her!! Randy: big voice, nice! Paula: right song. Simon: different side and unexpected but didn't hit the right note. I disagree with Simon. I think Randy and Paula got it right! She's great and happy with herself! You go girl!!

Baby Mama, LaKisha is last. Not sure of the song but it sounds like she started it in the middle (another reason for more song time). Melinda better watch her back according to my husband. I liked her singing but the song was a little strange for me. Again, singing was great. Seal clap from Paula AND some of the guys too! Randy: loved it and he yelled a lot. Paula: be proud this is where you belong. Simon: that's the right note, tempted to tell other contestants to book your flights home. I don't know about all that. Baby's birthday today!

Well, MUCH better than the guys! It's shaping up to be a year for the girls! Randy agrees!! Paula is proud and ready for another dose!! Simon says 3-4 people tonight are in a different league then the rest. I'll agree! Voting is almost over. As of right now DialIdol has LaKisha has a HUGE lead!!

We shall see...tomorrow!

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