The Executions are over!

Paul, Rudy, Amy, and Nicole are lying bloody on the floor! Okay, not bloody but they are out of there!! The show was pretty good tonight and seemed quick. I loved it when Ryan cut Quincy Jones off! That was classic!! I still think it's pretty cruel to make the losers sing after getting kicked off. It amazing that they can even do it. DialIdol was right about Paul and Amy but had the other two ranked higher. If you factor in the margin of error, they were 100% correct which is how they are going to spin it. They would have to be REALLY off to not get it technically correct.

Well, nothing much happened today that I can talk about anyway. Something always happens at work that I would LOVE to talk about but I can't. Oh well!! I'll be blogging more this weekend and catching up on what everybody is doing. I'm not a lurker so be expecting some comments!! Take Care!

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Wonder what they would do if the just kicked off contestant just went up there with their arms crossed and stared into the camera while the music played. Now that, I would watch.

That would be good! I don't think I could sing. I'd get a couple of words out and run off stage crying!!


Hi carli,

So! You look like Christina Aguilera too!! It's a small world!