CSI: Miami - It's a bad show!

I know I might not be making any new friends with this blog but this is something that's be bugging me for awhile. Why are the CSI shows so popular? The writing is horrible and the acting is even worse and the Miami one tops them all in badness! Then again, how good can the actors be with such a awful script!! To be fair, I've only watched the Vegas and the Miami versions so the NY and Navy one might be better. The Miami version sucks like a Hoover! David Carroso is the biggest over actor I've ever seen. I thought he was bad on NYPD Blue but he wins the prize with his acting in CSI! Why he EVER thought he could have a movie career is beyond me!

Let think about the costumes first. Do you dress in designer clothes when you go to work? No! Can you even afford designer clothes? These people are suppose to be civil servants! Where is the world does the coroner shows up to a crime scene wearing an off-white pantsuit and high heels! I'm thinking that there's a good chance for getting blood on something. Oh! How many civil servants can afford to drive a Hummer? It's a company car you say? Bull shit! If the government had to pay for it, he would be driving a Ford or Chevy!

Then there's the lab scene in every show where they search for evidence. How boring is that? Like I want to watch lab techs swab q-tips on things and look it it under microscope. One time, some lady got murdered on the boat she was trying to sell and we watched them look though books that had boats for sale to find he add and her phone number. Since she was murdered, shouldn't they already have that information?

Another thing that bothers me about CSI is that don't the cops question the suspects? Since when do the lab people question the subjects? They have one cop attached to their unit and have the time he isn't there during questioning. Is it just me or is there something wrong with that. I know CSI people from back in South Dakota (it's a small state, I've also had dinner with the Governor too) they don't question criminals. They process the evidence and leave it to the cops to interrogate the criminals.

And then there's the write...which sucks! How many cliches can they write into one persons dialogue? "This is a nice racket you have here." Said to a tennis coach. "His record just went number one." "With a bullet." This exchange was said after a rap artist was shot and killed. I don't know how dumb the writers think America is but it's pretty dumb.

I know what you're thinking. If I hate the show so much, why do I know so much about it. That's easy. There is not much to watch at midnight. My husband and I turn it on to laugh at it and see how long it takes before someone says something stupid. I never takes too long. We normally hear something stupid before the commercial break!!!

Is there a TV show you find too stupid for words?

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It's all show and no substance isn't it?! It's cheesiness would be funny if it wasn't menat to be serious!

I have to agree with you on the CSI Miami show. I personally don't like the lead guy - never have but the show is so over the top.

I will disagree regarding CSI Las Vegas but it has lost some of it's integrity lately. I'll ignore procedural issues for the sake of story telling but sometimes the holes are just too big to ignore.

And finally, I need to point out that NCSI (Navy) is not realated to the other three (Las Vegas, Miami and New York) Infact, I believe they are on different networks.

Also, thanks for stopping by earlier.

Thanks for this post. I just plain hate those shows. I watched the first CSI the first season for two weeks. The part that really pisses me off is the fact they are doing all this investigating in offices that for some reason have zero lighting.

What the hell? It looks like the control room on a submarine at battlestations. (I know, I was on them for over ten years!)

Also, how do they run around Vegas and Miami in these suits without sweating?

Okay, I'm done.

You're right! It would be great cheese if it wasn't suppose to be serious!

I'll give you Vegas. That one's not that bad but it still has some of the issues of the Miami one. I didn't know that the Navy one was different. I don't think my parents do either. They watch them all! I'm surprised that my dad likes them but he might just be watching because my step mom like them.

Blitz Krieg.
I forgot about the lighting! You are right. I don't know how they find anything! I would be sweating up a storm! I haven't been to Miami but Vegas is like living on the sun!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!

Like ArchShk said, Navy CSI isn't related to the other shows. Entirely different approach to the genre and a different team for writing and producing.

I've never liked the original Las Vegas version nor the NYC one. I liked the Miami one for a while but you're right about the acting. It finally got to be too much (or too little?).

I enjoy the show because of it's faults. Only they shine a torch in the scorching sunshine!

I think David Caruso is a giant animate troll doll.

I can't stand this show, and that's saying something given my crap TV predilections.

I think I might give the Navy one a shot. Since I now know that it's not related to the other ones. After all, I'm a huge Law & Order fan!

"Only they shine a torch in the scorching sunshine" too funny!! Loved it!

David Caruso DOES look like a giant troll doll! Never thought of that. I also love crap TV, especially anything having to do with large, obviously fake, animals/bugs! My Tivo get all that stuff for me.

Take Care everyone!