Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

Well, I'm back to my old ways! I'm going to blog about AI while playing poker and doing Avon. Although, I don't think I'll be doing any more with Avon until after AI and poker. I have a cold and I don't want it anymore!! My nose hurts from blowing it, or should I say, TRYING to blow it. Work was okay today. We lost an employee. Well, we know where she's at, she's just not working with us anymore. There's some kind of horse disease going around Virginia so the Blue Ridge Hunt Point to Point race has been postponed. Yeah for me!! Can you send a thank you note to an equine disease? Where would I send it?

On to AI! I've let Tivo run long enough so that I can skip the commercials. I bet advertisers HATE Tivo! I guess were getting 1 1/2 hours of Idol instead of 2 hours because of a new game show. Like we need any more of those! Ryan's looking good as always! Congrats to Jennifer Hudson. Oh! My Dial Idol is working now!! I can't wait to use it!

Randy and Simon are wearing outfits they've worn before. Paula's hair looks better today and she tells them to have fun. Blah-Blah-Blah!!!! The Idols are dedicating their performances tonight to someone who inspired them. Phil to up first and is a Navy guy. He's singing "Missing You" Not to bad for a lounge act. I'm not liking him tonight. Does this mean that he's Missing the Navy?? My Aunt thought her ears stuck out too far and had them pinned back. I'm thinking Phil needs to to that...or wear a hat. Randy is nuts!! Phil did NOT have the best vocals last week! I agree with Simon, a very good karaoke singer.

Jeff Foxworthy's in the audience!! Fox is the KING of cross promotion!

Jared is dedicating it to his mom and dad. I thought he was the adopted kid. I guess not. He's singing "Let's get it on." I like this song but HATE falsetto which doesn't belong in this song. Anyway, not enough soul and felling for me. His dancing is a little Jackson 5. WAIT!! Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!! That's it!! I think Randy's taking what Paula's on! Paula is on it tonight too!! Simon says "Love Boat" and I agree!!

I don't want to know what Ryan does done to the song. I'm not sure what he is, gay or straight.

AJ is sending this one out to mom and dad. He is singing something I don't know but I'm diggin it!! A lot!! Best of the night so far!! I'm voting for him tonight!! Randy says he's got skills!! He got a "nearly very good" from Simon which is VERY good.

Sanjaya dedicated this one to (I got another Poker tourney starting now!) his Grandpa. Singing something that would be good except that he's boring! Boring with a capital B. Nice voice but I'm not into it at all! "Bad High School Talent Show." He get a "weak and weird" from Simon. He needs to go home. If you vote for him, I'm not going to speak to you anymore!!

My boy's up next! Chris is sending this one out to his wife, Sara. (I'm getting crappy cards!) He's singing something called "Trouble" He's got a nice tone. He seems to be the only one that gets that the songs are suppose to actually fit who their being dedicated to. She is pretty! I think I'm going to cry!! Very good all the way around. I got teary eyed!

I think those Mac commercials are great! I love the new one about Window's Vista.

Nick is sending this one out to his girlfriend. He's singing "Fever." I think she's gonna cry. I however am not going to this time. He's just meh for me. My poker software crashed!! Oh well, I didn't miss much.

Blake is singing to his parents and the song is something I don't know. I hate the hat. His parents are too cute for words. I makes this look easy. I dig it. The beat boxing fit in great. Could have done without the falsetto at the end but it might go there. Randy loves him. Blake made the judges fight!!

Brandon sends this one out to his Grandma. The song is "Time After Time." Bad start!! Didn't come out big when he should have. It's not for me. I'm sure he's going to get votes but they won't be mine. He getting the kiss of death from Randy. You know when he talks about anything besides the song first. Paula felt his heart, of course she did! Quote of the night from Simon: "I love Grandmas." Another one: "I also love puppy's."

The other Chris is dedicating his song, "Geek in the Pink?," to Grandma. Kinda weird walk to the mic. All of his songs seem rushed. Maybe it's just the song? Naw, don't like. He might be going home Thursday, that's my prediction. Very Justin! Timberlake not Guarini. Judge say best tonight?? Whatever! That could be a sign. Sometimes people think someone is safe so they don't vote. Let's hope! I think he's an Elliott wannabe and I don't want him to be.

I guess it's Jason's turn now. I did like it when he admitted to sucking last week. That statement alone should get him a lot of votes. If he sings good and I like him I'll vote for him. If he sucks like last week, I might spend the last voting hour making him and Sanjaya unsafe! Let's see who he's dedicating the song to. Let me take a guess...his dad? No, it's his son, Levi. His wife is cute. He's crying! I hear the votes going up for him. He picked "Mustang Sally." He's doing really well but it's not a difficult song. I hate to say that I like him tonight...finally. I wanted to like him in the beginning but he's sucked so bad until now. He may just get a vote from me tonight. The judges like him.

Time for voting!!

Who's your favorite?

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