Did you hear that big thud yesterday? That was me falling off the non-smoking wagon. I had more free time yesterday and didn't manage my time well enough. All I could think of yesterday was smoking. I was delivery my orders and the books but every second all I thought of was smoking. I couldn't do it! I'll try again Monday. No sense in trying today because of the Poker Tournament. I think I'll get the patch and try that.

On a brighter note, I sang Karaoke last night! I tried a new song, "Girl Next Door" by Saving Jane. I love that song. Since I am so un-hip, I bought Now 22 for a makeup party I was throwing for a bunch of teenagers. I loved all but 2 songs! "Girl Next Door" was on it. I figured that since I liked NOW 22 so much that I would also love NOW 23. Boy, was I wrong! I only like 2 songs and the rest suck. Most of the songs are by one artist and featuring another. It's very annoying. Why did they pick such sucky songs?

I have to go and make my husband breakfast. We're having eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. YUMMY!!!

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Oh dear... Still, good luck with the new start on Monday! A friend is using the patches to help him with not smoking. They're working OK so far, but it's still tough. Again, good luck!

Here from Michele's :)

So what. It took me five times and more than a year and a half to finally stay stopped. DO IT AGAIN. Get mad, not at yourself, but at the smokes, at the tobacco companies, at Madison Avenue... for all have ENSLAVED you! Do it again, and again and again if necessary, you are worth it - and no one can do it for you!


pep talk concluded -


Here's a link with some tips that might help:

My Mom smoked til she was 60...and ending up having COPD. She passed away from that in December of 2005.

I wish you much luck in quitting.

Thanks for the site! Everything helps! I'm sorry about your mom. I try again tomorrow!