Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty good except for falling off the wagon. I got a few things done on Saturday and the big Poker game was Sunday. I did pretty well. I think there were about 30 people there and I made it to around 10th place. I went out the same time that another person did so we kind of tied for 10th.

I was sitting at an okay table. One person didn't show up for the tournament but kept calling saying he was coming. In the meantime, I had to post his blinds and deal for him. At one point, the person sitting next to the ghost player went out and I had to deal three times in a row. That was a pain in the ass. Other than me and the ghost player, there was Fay who only played one other time but managed to win that time, Tony who was the points leader going into the tournament and Jason, who use to work at the business next to me.

The other two players were not my favorite people. The first guy, who I have never bothered to learn his name by the way, is this big goofy looking guy who I swear was wearing clear nail polish. That might not be a big thing where you're from but in Winchester, it's unheard of. Also, the rest of him is a mess so it's not like he's trying to be neat. I mean, the white undershirt he was wearing as a T-shirt had blue-green stains on the armpits from his deodorant. I guess we should feel lucky that he wore deodorant!

The last guy was Ronnie. He chews tobacco, is missing his two front teeth and lives at the Salvation Army. At least he didn't stink yesterday. He kept on getting mad at Fay for taking too much time or asking questions. One time he yelled at her because she groaned and started playing with her chips when it was his turn to act. First of all, Fay is one of the nicest people in town and almost everyone knows her and everyone likes her. Second, she was in a car accident when she was young that left her with some disabilities. Third, she wasn't doing anything! She didn't act out of turn, she just made a noise and touched her chips. I had to call Ronnie on that one!

Anyway, those were my table mates for most of the day. Fay went out first followed by Jason and the big sloppy guy. Next was Tony which shocked he because he's a great player. At that point, we had to get some more players to fill the table. Three other sat down and two of them were out in the first 5 hands. Then it was my turn (Christine when out with me). Ronnie ended up being one of the final two. It was him and my husband!!!! Mike can play some poker! At the final table, he kept knocking the people out one by one until it was just him and Ronnie. At that point, he asked Ronnie if he wanted to split the prize money down the middle and draw high card for the cool card marker. Ronnie said no and was knocked out the next hand! My husband won!!!! I'm very proud of him!

Mental note - get better at poker so I can beat my husband

I guess that's it. How was your weekend?

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Good job in th epoker game, to bad you had to deal with smelly rude people. I live in CA and clear nail polish on a guy is still a little weird, especially if the rest of the person is a disaster.

As for the smoking thing, don't beat your slef up too much. It is hard to quit. I have never ben able to quit. Oh sure some will say it is because I never started, but dang them all to heck for using facts agaist me.

Just get right back on that wagon and do the best you can. That is all the universe asks of you. :)

Good luck in the new year.

Thanks! I will use the force!! And the patch!