I'm Back!

I finally have my Internet fixed. It was a combination of two problems, a bad splitter and the cable in the wrong post-thingy. As we speak, I'm "watching" some silly vampire movie Tivo recorded for me AND typing in this blog. Love it! I think it will spoil me.

I just got home from having dinner with my parents. It's my step-mom's birthday today so we went to Olive Garden. The talk was mostly light about TV shows and such. Then we started talking about computers and email. Cathy Ann doesn't use a computer at all so Dad checks all of their emails. As all of you know, there are people out there who will forward ANYTHING. It seems that one of CA's friends has been doing that 2-3 times a day for years and CA didn't know that. She thinks that she's missing something and is mad at Dad for not printing them all out. To fix this problem, I've been enlisted to set up an email account for CA so that she can get the emails instead of Dad. I figure it should take about a month for her to understand why Dad didn't print them all out for her. She really does need to see for herself.

Anyhoo, tomorrow will be filled with AVON. I have one person to sign up and I also want to get ALL of my books out with the new stickers on them. They say something about making a 6 figure income so I think they attract attention. I'll let you know.

Well, I'm off to visit all of the blogs that like and to play some poker!!

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I'm glad you got your computer problems solved. Those kinds of problems drive me crazy.

Have a great weekend!

That wrong post thingy can be a real pain in the bottom. My Mom will never, ever receive an email, so at least yours has got that goin for her.

I tend to think of forwarding as Old People's Disease (OPD?). My mom is the worst and all of her friends chip in. They've not been on the net for long and they think all those old hackneyed Email jokes are new and interesting. It's scary!

Cathy Ann will soon find out--you just don't want to read all that stuff. I hope you had a great dinner out, Kristi and it's good that you have your Internet connection back.

Glad you got your internet connection sorted out :-)

I think it might take CA less than a month to tire of getting everything forwarded!


Welcome back. You should count your blessings thatyou don't get the spam that I get. Even more that you don't get the spam my friend RadioactiveJam gets (wait, I'm gettting his spam too now.)

Don't worry, one day you'll be important enough to get spammed 50+ times a day just in your comments despite your captcha and filters and stuff.