Another Day Another...

Days fly by for the most part. It seems like I just got to work when all of the sudden, it's time for lunch. After lunch, time moves again until about 4 or 4:15 then it grinds to a halt! It feels like I spend most of that time watching the clock and waiting until 5. Today is especially bad since I have to make an Avon delivery at 5:15, sign someone up to sell Avon at 5:30, eat, and play poker at 7:30. I know, I don't HAVE to play poker but I love to! It's one of the few things I do during the week that is just for me. Wait, I don't think that's true. Some days I play poker online while avoiding doing those thing that I should do. I am a master at making deals with myself. "I will gladly do 'that' tomorrow if I can do 'this' today." Most of the time it's always today and tomorrow never seems to arrive.

Back to the time/work problem. At about 4pm I feel really tired and bored with my job. I decide that I'm done fo the day only to be bored for a whole 5 minutes before working again. Unfortunately, I'm still bored with work so it doesn't take long (about 2 minutes) before I decide that I am indeed done for the day. This cycle continues about 2 more times, I look at the clock thinking "It must be 5 by now" when only 20 minutes have gone by. How Will I Make It?!?!?! I'm not sure how I make it some days. Even now, I've been typing this blog for awhile but I'm still bored so I've been looking at the clock the whole time and it had barely moved.

I don't know how to fix this. I think I'm just doomed to be bored this time everyday no matter what. I tried looking up some stuff on line but I could think of anything that I wanted to look for. Don't you hate that? The entire world at your finger tips and you can think of word one to type in the search engine!

Oh, I just thought of something! On AI last night there was a guy that was really good and funny. I really like him. His name is Chris Sligh and I think he's going to go far! Take a listen to his band.

I also have an update on CA learning to do email. I set her up last night with her gmail account and she is doing it like a champ! Gmail is so easy! She already check her email once today and plans to check it again tonight. By the way, Bob-kat, you were right. It took CA WAY less then I month to realize the horrors of forwarding emails. She is already complaining about them today!

Take Care all!

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I know what you mean. I'm on nights this week and it's a thirteen hour shift. Thirty minutes to and from work and that leaves ten to sleep and do anything else. We have been busy this week with cold temps, but I have had so many quiet ones this year I think I've gotten to the end of the internet. Thank God for all of you taking the time to entertain me.

How can you be bored at work when you have a blog? What better way to waste time is there than blogging?

Simple solution, Kristi. Just get your boss to agree to you having a 35 hour work week. Then you can leave at 4pm. Of course there's a chance they might not like that idea...

I don't have time to be bnored with the computer work I do!