10 Things to Remember

10. Try not to get angry with stupid people, even when they deserve it

9. Spend less time eating and more time drinking beer

8. Include more in my exercise plan than walking from couch to the refrigerator

7. Realize what my clothing size is and stop trying to fit into anything smaller (until I succeed at #8)

6. Water is also a beverage, not just for taking showers and boiling pasta

5. At my age, make-up is no longer optional and neither is getting a tattoo

4. I am too old to be cool and hip (the fact that I used the terms "cool" and "hip" demonstrates this nicely)

3. When farting in public, move quickly and blame it on my husband

2. Before doing a list on my blog, write the list and THEN pick the number

1. My husband humors me when I think I'm being funny

Thanks to all who stopped by yesterday!
cassie-b, Oracle, and Nikki-ann

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I liked this :-) But #10 is somtimes sooo hard!

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

No doubt!!!

Thanks for stopping here!

Saw you comment on Michele's site. Thought I'd drop by and say howdy. I too am a big Stand fan. Own both The Stand and The Stand, complete and uncut, first editions Both are proudly displayed on the bookcase.


Hey, Kristi! Thanks for visiting my blog. There's good advice here. I'm currently struggling with #5. I keep living like it's optional but no matter how well rested I am, I look tired. Just a sign that 40 is not far off.

Hehehe. There's some funny things on this list! I love the one about drinking more beer! ;)

Thanks for dropping by my site the other day. Maybe you'll come back some time...

blitz-krieg and surcie,

Thanks for stopping by!

40 is getting VERY close!!!

10. you are nicer than me
9. good plan
8. also a good plan
7. i understand the wishful shopping!
6. seriously?
5. is that a yes or no on the tat?
4. bull
3. excellent strategy, including looking at him with disapproving face.
2. whatever.
1. you are funny!

Thanks for stopping by my rant.


Thanks for stopping here!!!

Good list. Good for a laugh.

I like the part about writing the list and then choosing the number.

Have a great weekend!

I thought I posted this two times already. If this one doesn't work, I'll graciously give up. I don't want you to get my message too many times.


Hi Again! This time from Michele's

Michele sent me over, Kristi.

I have to respectfully disagree with #6. Unless I'm really, really thirsty--water is just something to wash with.

Sorry to hear about that traffic stop on Wednesday. Cops can be a pain at times.

Hey Love the list three had me howling I have done that with my cat ;)

Thanks for the comments ;)

"6. Water is also a beverage, not just for taking showers and boiling pasta"

I only remember that when I'm at work. The cool water machine is at the bottom of the stairs, so when getting a drink of water I take the opportunity to do a little light exercise at the same time (running down the stairs to get the water... obviously I'd get soaked if I tried running back up the stairs with the water!).

too funny!!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!!!

#9 is by far my favorite.