Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

I hate cops! Well, I hate cops to drive behind me and I hate for them to pull me over but both of these happened this morning. The cop followed me for 2 miles until I was two blocks from work and then the lights came on. Son of a Bitch! I could have swore my plates were up to date. If you had asked me yesterday if everything on my car was up to date, I would have bet $1,000 that it was! Son of a Bitch! I was already late for work as it was. Whenever this happens to me, I always think "Isn't there some bigger criminal you could be arresting?" Winchester is by no means the crime capital of Virginia but there are sections of the city that have crime coming out the ass. Can't they just park over there and catch someone doing something really bad? Why do they have to pick on the people going to work and taking care of business? I know The law abiding citizens are the only ones who have any and the cops have to afford their fancy cop cars somehow. It really ticks me off!

By the way, if my husband tells me he noticed that my tags were dead a few days ago, the cops are REALLY going to have something to get me on!!!!!!!!!

Any one else get pulled over today?

All most forgot! Thanks to all who stopped by yesterday!
Angie, Patrick,
archshrk, Nikki-ann, Janet, and mist1

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I guess this is going to cost you money. I think he should have given you a warning. or better still, just kept on driving.


That would have been nice! The ladies at the DMV couldn't beleive he gave me a ticket.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hey here via Michele ;)

I always get nervous if cops are behind me, even when I'm sure I've done nothing wrong! Where are they when the boy racers are tearing about the place? And when you call them out they don't turn up for hours as they're busy with something else (Yeah, following/stopping innocent people!)

AMEN sister!They have to catch the major criminal that haven't paid their $29.50 yet!