Happy Weekend!

I had my hair done today (and Thursday) and it looks great! (Thanks Becky!) It's been a long time since I had a professional do my hair but it's a good thing. I think I'm too old to go through life with bad hair! The rest of my weekend is going to be filled with cleaning and poker. Yeah for the poker, boo for the cleaning.

I went to Target today and spent the gift certificate Mike and I got for Christmas. Who knew there were so many hair dryers out there! Most of them were around $19.99 but there was one that was $59.99. What does it do that makes it cost so much? It would have to have attachments for more than drying hair if you know what I mean (wink,wink). I spent the rest on cleaning products. I love to have the latest in cleaning products but I never use them, just ask my husband. I'm not sure why I do that. Maybe I think that if I have enough of them, they will start to clean on their own. Yes, I would LOVE to live in a Disney movie!

Anyway, I better go clean the bathroom before Mike gets home!

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You've had your hair done and are cleaning the bathroom?

Michele sent me here.

I hate cleaning too. I think I need Mickey's hat and wand from Fantasia. I'd get those brooms working for me!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog.

I don't think they make hair dryers with that particular extra function, Kristi. Designers are mostly guys and we don't want to feel obsolete.

Thanks for all of your comments. I enjoy visiting each of your blogs as well!

Did anyone else have trouble signing in yesterday?

Hi - I didn't have trouble signing in but Blogger was doing some strange things!

Business as usual then! :-)

I don't remember having any trouble, Kristi...