I my attempt to write something in the space, I think I’m have started to over think it. I sit and think about what I’m going to write. Should I write about SYTYCD or my grandpa? AVON or my diet (which has kinda stalled BTW)? My husband and family or work? Work is really pissing me off today! I’m kinda afraid to write about work incase someone from work read it. I think the owners daughter got in trouble for something she posted on a web site but I’m not sure what it was.

Anyhoo! Back to this blog. I don’t know what it write!! I want to be funny and entertaining (I really am in real like) but I don’t think that’s coming across. You know, I don’t even know if anyone is reading this thing at all!! I feel like running a test but I’m not sure what I would do. I could say that someone died but that’s like whistling past your grave. I could write something about work but that might be taken seriously. I could pose a question that no one could resist answering if my mind worked that way. I want to be free to write what I want to write but it’s too late for that. I used my real name!! *Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!*

Maybe I’ll think of something tonight!

Take Care-

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Since you have already used your real name, etc. I would recommend not writing anything you wouldn't say to someone's face. I learned that the hard way!

Here via Michele

Hi kristal,

I think you are absolutely right about that!! I would hate to bitch and moan about someone and have them read it! It's only fun when they don't know!!!

I'm going to your site next!

you should use thinly veiled version of hte person name like: A swarmy Clown. Then if the intended person get upset you oculd say in a shocked voice "why ever would you thing that I meant you. Some people are sooooo self centered." Walk away in a huff. Then go write about it on your blog and make fun of them.

No really go with Kristal advise, much better.

Her advice might be better but yours is much funnier!! You are hysterical!! What in the world do you do for a living?

Uhhh ... I am a clone trooper. I shoot things, keep the Empire safe from rebel scum and the like, blast droids. You know the normal stuff.

JK. In my real job I am not funny. I am an uptight and serious guy who is very earnest and tried to help people. ON THE OUTSIDE. Then I go home, shake off the fake nice and act like the goof I am with my family. :)

Keep up the good work! I know I'm not the only one who enjoys your sense of humor!!