Warren County Fair

I attended a recruiting event at the Warren County Fair last night and it went pretty well. I have three leads that I’m going to call tonight...after I call all of my customers. I’m doing the same thing on Thursday night too. I’m pretty tired today but it was worth it!

Work at my regular job is pretty slow. As soon as I get a job, I do it. That does leave time for surfing for new blogs and the like. Anyway, not much to write about today.

I can’t wait until tonight!! SYTYCD is on and it’s going to be good!!!!! I really like Benji and Heidi but Travis is really good. I think I’m over Donyelle. Unless she pulls off something amazing, I won’t be voting for her. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do if they are all great. Who do I vote for? Do I not vote because they are all winners? Do I vote for all of them? Do I pick the person I think would be best for Celine? I don’t think I’ll do the last one. I don’t like Celine and could careless what would work for her. Anyway, I’m stumped. I guess I’ll figure it out tonight shortly before 10pm! I can’t believe we have to wait so long to get the results! I guess I’ll be checking DialIdol tomorrow!!

Take Care-

I was just looking back on my previous blogs and I thought it was funny that I was going to give SYTYCD “a try”! Little did I know!!!

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