Weekend Update

Howdy all! This weekend went by TOO fast! I was busy as usual and didn’t get any cleaning done...what else is new! Friday night I pretty much went home and watched Days of our Lives for the last 3 days. I was behind. Does anybody out there watch Days? If so, why did EJ save Austin and Carrie? I thought he wanted Sami? I don’t get it. I’m dying to find out who the people in black are!!! Anyway, I got caught up and I was happy about that.

Saturday was spent dropping Avon book off at different businesses. Everyone seemed happy to see me. Let’s see if that translates into sales. So far it hasn’t. Mike and I were bad and went to WV Saturday night and drank too much beer and then had bad pizza. We were suppose to go to Village Square (a really nice restaurant downtown) for brunch on Sunday but we felt so shitty that we thought we should do it another time. You know, like when we could taste the food!

That brings us to Sunday night. We went to the Warren county fair and saw George Jones. He was pretty good even though he’s getting pretty old. We just saw him 2 years ago and could see the difference. I guess he was in a car accident during that time. He talked about it but I couldn’t tell when it was. It did seem to change his life. He said he was scheduled to be in the recording studio today (Monday) at 10am but I’m not sure how he managed that one. I don’t think the studio was any where near Front Royal, VA.

That’s it for my weekend update except I got a call from one of my Avon clients. This lady is a piece of work. She ordered $7.08 in products and did not return my phone calls to arrange delivery. This was a couple of months ago. There is only so many phone calls and drive-bys that I’m going to do for $7.08. Well, she called on Friday and wanted to know why I never called her. I don’t want to call her back. I’ve bent over backwards for this lady more than once and don’t want to do it again. Every time she orders, it’s like pulling teeth to get with her to deliver/pay and until recently, she was a stay at home mom. It seemed to me that she left just before I was due to deliver. I hate that. Anyway, not much of a rant but that’s the best I can do on a Monday morning!!

Let the countdown to So You Think You can Dance begin!! 59 hours, 57 minutes and counting!!!

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