Weekend Plans

Well, my weekend is going to be jammed with crap...as usual. Tonight I need to make AVON calls, stop by my Aunt’s house, package my AVON deliveries, make dinner (that might become optional), and clean (which seems to ALWAYS become optional)! Saturday, my husband will be going to visit his mother and son so I’ll spend the day melting in the car while I deliver AVON and AVON books in an attempt to make some money for our Vegas trip. Oh yeah! We’re going to Vegas again! We got married there last year and will be going back at about the same time. I’ll write more on that later. Back to my weekend.

Sunday is going to be busy too. Mike and I will be going to brunch at a fancy restaurant in downtown Winchester and then were going to see George Jones! One of the local fairs have old country stars open the fair every year and we’ve been doing it four out of the past five years. We go with my Aunt Shelley, Uncle Jerry, my dad and step mom, Cathy Ann. We’ve seen David Alan Coe, Randy Travis, and this will be the second time seeing George Jones. We always have a blast. We tailgate for a bit and then see the show. This heat wave better break by then!!!

Before I know it, Monday’s here again!!!

Here’s to trying to fit 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound bag!!

Take Care-

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