The Fair

As far as fairs go, the Warren county fair isn’t much to look at but, like my car, it runs great! I was there again with AVON last night and had a stellar evening. We (Suzy and me) signed up 3 people to be AVON reps and got about 18-20 good contacts.

The coolest thing of all is that the booth won a blue ribbon! I kid you not! I was standing there talking to a potential recruit and all of the sudden the beauty pageant winners come over to me and hand me a blue ribbon! THEN they came behind the table and I got my picture taken! I was the only one there at the time and was quite shocked. We also got a $50 off coupon for next year. We won for the Most Informative Business/Product! AND the Mary Kay Lady didn’t win a thing!

I was VERY tired last night and had a hard time getting up this morning. I’m either suppose to go to Rockville this afternoon or back to the fair. I’m hoping for the fair because I had a great time!!!

Take Care-

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HA in your face miss pinky May Kay Lady. *does a shuffle dance of shame for the May Kay lady*

Sorry was that over the top? congrats. Fair booths are hard to make great. I have had to help build 4 in my time on this planet, and they all were all word that rhymes with TRUCKS.


I had a great time...except for Friday! I need to borrow your light saber!!!