Fair is Fair...most of the time

I attended the fair again on Friday night and manned the booth with two new people. Let me tell you how these things work. The District Manager with AVON sets these events up and representatives in the district sign up and pay to man them. The goal is to sign up people to be AVON reps. When there are two of more people, any books or handout materials are rotated between the reps (i.e., my book, their book, my book, their book, etc.). This way everyone has a fair shot at getting recruits/customers. This system has worked fine and dandy every time...except for Friday. The reps that were there didn’t want to share. I was standing right there when one of them handed out her book, skipped over mine, and handed out the other reps book. HELLO!!! I was standing RIGHT THERE! Here I am making sure that I was fair and handed out their stuff along with mine and then they do that to me right in my face! I was ticked! They also wouldn’t leave the table and work the crowd. As you can tell. I’m still ticked!

Anyway, the rest of my weekend was not much better. We found out that my mother-in-law has to have two valves replaced in her heart. I’m not sure when. She want to do it on Sept. 15 but we’ll see what the doctor says this week. I’m not sure if he’s going to let her wait that long. She’s a great lady and a ton of fun. I hope that everything works out and she has many more years ahead. I would love to right more about this but I’ll just say... A swarmy Clown, A swarmy Clown, A swarmy Clown, A swarmy Clown!

Oh! BTW, I did manage to do some cleaning this weekend which is a miracle that I know my husband is greatfull for!!


PS – Don’t forget! Hell’s Kitchen and SO You Think You Can Dance end this week!!!

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I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law-I hope that everything goes well.

That stinks about the other reps! If there is some way to ensure that you don't have to work with them again!

Michele sent me!

Hi Tracie,

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm hoping that everything goes well to. If they don't, things will work out in the end...they always do!

I think I'll be able to avoid them from now on!! I hope!

Take Care-

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