Dead Like Me

Have you watched this show? I thinks it’s morbidly great! I love seeing all the people die in freaky accidents. I think the cast is great, At first, I thought George could be, I don’t know, more perky. Then I realized that she is meant to be that way...DUH! She was “DEAD” before she died! I get it! I find myself laughing at Mandy Patankin’s (sp) drug commercials because I see him calling George “Peanut” and starting up small talk to find out who’s going to die.

I try to tell people about it but it looses something in translation. “There’s this show about a girl that gets killed and comes back as a Grim Reaper! It’s so funny! Like when that guy slipped on a banana peel, got his head stuck in the revolving door, and then got his neck broke by a firefighter!” That doesn’t seem to interest too many people. Oh well! Since it’s on SciFi, I’m assuming that they will play it until all the episodes are played (two each Tuesday). I’m saving them all to DVD incase I never see them again.

I wonder if I can get SciFi to run Wonderfalls?

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