Fished out

This weekend Suzy, Maria, and I held our third AVON Overstock Sale at the parking lot of my Dad’s office. I think we fished it out. The first time I made $200, the second I made $150 and this time I only made $50. We are changing locations next time! A friend of mine owns a transmission repair shop in town and he said the we could use his parking lot. I think it will be good to move.

One funny thing happened during the sale, a customer of mine stopped by and I wish she hadn’t!! Let me tell you what happened. First of all, she doesn’t order a lot. If I call her and her total is over $10 she asks me to double check her order because she doesn’t remember ordering that much. Anyway, her last order was $2.88 with tax and the 75¢ handling fee.

In early July, I went to a friends wedding (the same one that owns the transmission repair shop) and my husband and I had a bit too much to drink. Okay, we were hammered!! I was on a diet and didn’t have a lot to eat but had way too much to drink! Anyhoo, at the end of the reception, we decided that it would be a great idea to walk to a local bar that was about 2 miles away. Luckily, the brides’ brother caught us when we were only a few blocks from the reception and gave us a ride home. Unluckily, I had forgotten the keys to the house in our car back at the reception. By now you’re wondering what this has to do with my AVON customer. Her part of the story was pieced together by looking at my cell phone the next day.

Well, it seems that sometime during the night, she called and left a message about her order. I would like to say for the record that my cell phone has way too many features for a drunk person! We were at our house trying to get in and I got my phone out to call someone that was still at the reception to get into our car (it has keyless entry). I saw I had a voice mail and I must have called it. After the phone tells me I have voice mail, it also tells me that I missed a call. Near as I can figure out, I pulled up that menu and called my customer back! At 1:30 am! Drunk off my ass! I was hoping that it was a short call and I didn’t talk to anyone but no! The call was 1 minute and 39 seconds! I talked to someone!! The next day, she called again. I didn’t NOT want to answer so I let it go to voice mail. She left a message and said NOTHING about the late night phone call. I still didn’t want to talk to her so I never called her back. I know that was a bad thing to do but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her.

Well, she and her mom stopped by the sale on Saturday. She started at Suzy’s table which gave me a few minutes to think about what I should say. In the end, I didn’t what every up standing citizen would do...I lied! I said “Hi Debbie! You know, I lost your number!” Of course, I was kicking myself inside because I really didn’t want her back as a customer but I didn’t know what else to say. I guess that’s what I get! Karma’s a bitch! Judging for her mother’s reaction when Debbie told her who I was, I’d have to guess that I talked to her. Oh well!!

In case you are wondering, after some time and a trip back to the reception site, we are able to get into the house with the help of our great friends Angie and Joe!! They put up with a lot that night!! Thanks again guys!

Take Care!!


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Bold faced lies are the best! Awesome!


That is too incredibly funny.

I hate cell phone when I'm toasted. Did you know i Austrila (sp) a cell phone company has a drunk calling feature. If you are going out drinking, you punch a code in your phone and then you can't dial a bunch of pre-choosen phone number. You have got to hand it to those Aussie marketer. :0

Hi Paj,

The lie did work but I wish I could have thought of a better one! One that wouldn't invole her become my customer again!


Hey Army!

That is an excellent feature! Why can't we have that?!? I really needed it that night.