Viva Las Vegas

Our trip to Vegas is looming large! We leave in 32 days and I have no gambling money! I have redone my budget to eliminate any extra spending but I usually not too good at denying myself anything. I’m really bad that way. If I want something, I usually go and get it. That could be why I have no money for Vegas. It’s a vicious circle!

We are flying Jet Blue which I’m very excited about. I’ve only heard good thing about them. I’m really looking forward to bigger seats and watching what I want and not Mr. and Mrs. Smith BOTH ways like last time. That movie sucked to big one! I don’t think they had any chemistry on screen so it’s hard for me to imagine that they have any off screen either. Angelina is weird!

We arrive the day before the rest of my family from South Dakota. I wanted to do this for two reasons. 1) It’ll be nice to have a night to ourselves and 2) we’re staying on Freemont Street at Binion’s! My husband and I are really into Texas Hold’em and want to get into a tournament that night. There are at least three to pick from. I think we’ll be doing the midnight one at the Golden Nugget. I’d love to make it to the final table! Mike has at 3 tournaments in Atlantic City and came in first once!

More on Vegas later!! I’ve got to go earn some money!


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Sounds good. Hope you have a good time. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I shall try to keep my eyes open for someone.