I'm back!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this thing but I'll give it a shot. I've spent some of my free time looking at other people's blogs to see what they are doing and to get ideas. I’ve found a lot of good ones (Tortilla Chips and Milk). Some of them are about TV shows that I like and some of them are like reading someone diary.

I would love to talk about what pisses me off but a lot of that is work related and I don’t think I should go into any of that here. I may do general complaints if I can make it so the object of my anger won’t know I’m talking about them if they happen to read this. I may talk about my day, Avon, my husband, my family...well, anything I want to.

Tonight is So You Think You Can Dance!!! I can’t wait. I have a problem with TV at times. I get really into a show and that’s all I can talk about. It’s kinda sad but I guess there are worse things to talk about. I love all the dancers except Natalie so I’m going to be sad for someone tonight, most likely Ivan. Ivan reminds me of my little brother and I really like him. I don’t think he’s the best dancer that’s left but I still like him. I believe that it will be Heidi, Benji, Donyelle, and Travis in the finals with Benji winning. That prize would be better for Travis but EVERYONE loves Benji!

I’m also behind in watching my soap, Days of Our Lives. If anyone reading this has any ideas on who the two people in black are, I would LOVE to discuss it. I just can’t think of two people who would work together to mess with Sami, Steve and Kayla, AND Shawn and Mimi et.al. Who knows?!?! Also, where are John and Marlena? I think it’s been long enough. They need to get back for Belle and to see Sami crash and burn. Also, what do you think EJ is up to? Why did he come to town? Why did he seem to know so much about Sami in the beginning?

Well, I’ll write more tomorrow!!

Favorite shows: Eureka, anything Stephen King, Monk, American Idol, Day of Our Lives, So You Think You Can Dance, Dead Like Me...I know there are more and I’ll think about the list for tomorrow!!

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