My Boy Pulled It Out!

My boy Elliott kicked ass last night!! I now have a new favorite song..."Trouble!" I loved last nights show but I think that Elliott was the only one to rock both songs and give the performance of a life. I'm so happy!!

I check DailIdol before writing this and it would seem that most of America agrees with me so far as Elliott goes, although, he should have been number one. I did NOT like Taylor last night. "In the Ghetto" is my all time favorite Elvis song and he stunk it up big time! What was that? Country and Soul mixed? I don't think they go together too well. His first song was, to use a Simonism, was very "wedding singer."

Chris wasn't that great either. He did an okay job with the first song but the second song was BORING! Oh! I'm also getting tired of him holding the mic up so high and blocking out his face.

Kat was so bad on her first song that I almost hit the mute! This should not be happening this late in the game. I do kinda feel sorry for her. It's obvious this theme was picked to promote an all male final and they might just get it. Her second song was better but not by much.

Elliott, oh Elliott! I was beside myself last night! I knew he had it in him! The first song was fantastic but the second gives me chills just thinking about it! Notice how he commanded everyone's attention WITHOUT going to the stage in the audience? The only one who did not try to get votes that way. Love him!!

I don't know whether to fully believe DialIdol or not. If they are to be trusted this time, Chris will be leaving us. I feel, however, that it will be Kat who will be on the chopping block at the end. I can't wait until tonight!!!


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