Rock On, Chris

Well, Chris left us last night in what turned out to be a bit of a least for me. I didn't think I would be but I was wrong. I felt really bad for him and got a little misty! I think it should have been Kat. I think Chris left because people got tired of the same old thing. The funny thing is that is what going to give him a great career. No one records a record that contains music of all types. They stick with one sound, that is what make a career. So, no tears for Chris. We will be seeing him again and he will make boat loads of cash!

Now it's down to three. Elliott is the one to watch. If he keeps on knocking them out of the park, he will even beat Taylor and the Soul Patrol. Did you notice during the footage at Graceland someone handed something to Kat and told her to give it to Elliott?!?! I LOVED it!

It will come down to Elliott and Taylor in the final. Kat has escaped the chopping block the past two weeks and SHOULD have been there. I think she knows that and it's going to be a major factor. The pressure to knock our socks off along with her nerves will do her in.

It's time for the Idols to sing a song picked by Clive Davis. Look for him to pick something boring or completely wrong for one of the Idols. That will be the one going home!

BTW, I loved the group number! They should have been dong that every time!!!


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