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Tonight starts the real dancing! Luckily, we didn't have to wait through 18 hours of auditions before getting to the good part like on Idol. BTW, did you know that Adam is gay? That's a big DUH! But I'm sure that there are people who didn't know. As a matter of fact, my Aunt Kim didn't know until I told her the night of the finale.

Also, three out of the top four have signed record deals. I'll give you one guess who hasn't...

I'll give you another minute...

That's right!!! Danny Gokey! That's okay, I'm sure he'll get signed by someone...anyone? Hello?! Is there anybody out there for Danny?? *crickets*

Maybe later.

Another BTW: I started to tweet. I'm basically just using it as my facebook status update but I have made a couple of new friends already. Follow me @kmantoni

Speaking of twitter, I follow Lil'C, Nigel, and Adam Shankman! Adam is a tweeting madman! Lil'C leans that way as well. It's very interesting. It's almost like I know them.

Okay, enough chit chat! On with the show and the ultra fabulous Cat Deely!!

The top 20 dancers are a bunch of hotties!!! Guys and girls! Cat has new babies!

The judges tonight are Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lithgoe. BOY! I missed this show!!!! I love me some Adam! Even when he's plugging his movies. I'm skipping the recap.

Jeanine & Phillip - Hip-Hop - Tabitha and Napoleon - “Mad” by Ne Yo (1-888-836-7601)
We get very little background on the dancers before we see Nappy Tabs. Looks like Tabitha is getting hair tips from Nate Marshall from American Idol. That wasn't too bad for the first dance. There were some pretty good moves but some standard Nappy Tab moves as well (which I could have done without). I'm sure it's hard not to reuse moves...I know I reuse the same moves EVERY time I dance! I think Phillip and Jeanine did well but I don't think I bought the story coming from them. I think it might be too early for great chemistry. Adam calls it un-freakin' real! I think he liked it. Mary pulls the old tired "I hate to disagree with XXXX .... SO I'M NOT GONNA!!!!" Nigel thinks Jeanine kept up with Phillip and made a name for herself.

Asuka & Vitolio - Broadway - Tyce D’Orio - “Hot Honey Rag” from Chicago
Poor guys to get Tyce and his Jazz hands right from the get-go! I didn't really like that but then again, I really shouldn't judge the dance but judge the dancers instead. The dancers were great! I think they danced it spot on. I'm worried for them. Adam talks about the luck of the draw and how they didn't get any of it but they danced well. Mary is disappointed because they didn't bring it to life. Nigel thinks the dancing was strong and the lines were fantastic but it lacked personality.

Jonathan & Karla - Cha-Cha - Tony Meredith - Poker Face by Lady Gaga (1-888-836-7603)
They look really cute together. I'm not sure if it was the music or what but that really didn't look too much like a Cha-Cha. Who knows maybe it's just me. Also, I didn't think they were dancing it all that well either. It felt like Karla was goofing up and Jonathan was trying to get her back to where she needed to be. It also seemed like they weren't really into each other for the dance. Adam thought it was really good. Mary screams and call it a whole lotta rough and a whole lotta fun. Nigel thinks they exploded on the stage. Oh well, I guess it was just me.

Randi & Evan - Jazz - Tyce DiOrio - “I Only Have Eyes For You”
Not another Tyce routine! Randi is the unitard queen. Evan is the guy that auditioned with his brother and made it over him. Lauren is helping Tyce out. I like these two! That was much better than Tyce's first routine. I liked that. It was hot in spots then the "Tyce" would show through and ruin it for me. I think I'm going to call this one my favorite so far. Adam calls them vertically challenged but says they danced like they were eight feet tall. Mary calls it smoldering and believable. Nigel thinks they will be a couple that people talk about...I think he's right!

Paris & Tony - Hip-Hop - Tabitha & Napoleon - “Let the Beat Rock” the Black Eyed Peas
Tony lucked out getting hip-hop. Tabs is wearing an Obama shirt. That was fun but I think the first Nappy Tabs routine was better. These guys should have been hitting it hard but it seemed a little to soft to me. The song was about the beat so they should have hit the beat hard. Adam thought it was really good but calls it a little mushy. Mary doesn't think it's going to be memorable. Nigel agrees with Mary and thought they were just doing the steps and it wasn't real.

Caitlin & Jason - Bollywood - Nikuul - “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire
Caitlin the sister that made it. Jason is cutie-pie! That was pretty fun too! I like Bollywood. I wasn't too sure about it last year but I'm sure now. I think the choreography was too fast towards the end and it got a little frantic but other than that, it was pretty, pretty good. Oh! And a LONG kiss at the end! Adam said they ROCKED!! Jason made it look effortless and Cailin blew it out. Mary is glad the Bollywood came to Hollywood. Nigel thinks they brought it and called it beautiful.

Janette & Brandon - Foxtrot - Louis Van Amstel - “Come Fly With Me” by Michael Buble
Brandon kinda looks like Carlton. Louis is from Dancing with the Stars. Very nice! Awesome lift at the end. I bet Louis is happy there are on lift rules! It really looked like they were having a good time and I like the personality they showed. Adam called it lovely and beautiful. Mary makes a funny joke about her Botox and she can't believe she just said that! Mary calls it lovely as well. Nigel calls it beautiful.

Ashley & Kupono - Jazz - Wade Robson - Felt Mountain by Goldfrapp
Okay, that was weird. I'm not even sure what else I can say. I'll call it the "Ring of Fire" of dance. Adam calls it weird looking at them but their technique is wonderful. Mary was into it and bought it 100%. She put the dog on the hot tamale train. Nigel calls Wade a genius and that people talk about him. Nigel loved it.

Melissa & Ade - Contemporary - Mandy Moore - “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx
Mandy Moore is the queen of the 80's and I love her! Lots of love on tonight's show. Pick down! LOL!! I'm all misty after that one. Okay, THIS is my favorite of the night sorry other couple that I can no longer remember. This was sweet and touching and beautiful. Loved it! Way to go "grandma"! Adam calls it so special and tears up. He was moved. Mary screams first thing. She calls it believable and beautiful. She gets choked up too. Nigel calls the top 20 fantastic. He calls it beautiful. Well done!

Kayla & Max - Samba - Louis Van Amstel - Jum Bah Day by House of Gypsies
Kayla is the one that lives with her grandparents. Her grandpa is a big old softy. Max is the ballroom dude this year. He isn't as cute as Dmitry or Pasha but I think he might grow on me. Loved it! Adam says OMG that was so good and thinks the Kayla was born in a ballroom. Mary hears a train. They're on the Hot Tamale Train! Nigel calls it truly sensational.

I thought Melissa and Ade were the best. Who did you like?

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That wasn't too bad for the first dance. There were some pretty good moves but some standard Nappy Tab moves as well..

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