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I started a new, private blog the other day as a diet journal. I have only posted twice to the darn thing. Now, it has been locked and marked as a spam blog. Why would that happen? Has it happened to you? Now I can't blog about my doctor's appointment or what she told me...I hope I don't forget. How does a pen work again? Anyway, I'm totally bummed that I can't post my thoughts there. I'd post them here but I'm not ready to be THAT honest with all of you. I do love you all but just not in THAT way!!!

On to brighter news. I still have a funny Vegas story to tell you but I don't have the time at work for it and hubby has been at home at nights hogging the computer. Tomorrow night should be the night. The story involves karaoke, a green hat, big purple balls, and backup dancers!

My last blog about Fancast received a comment from someone at FANCAST! How cool is that? I'm thinking her job must be to search for Fancast an the net and track it down. Malcolm from over at Pop Culture Dish also left a comment and suggested looking at and I checked our and found SNL clips! I can't get enough of Tiny Fey's Sarah Palin! didn't float my boat as much but maybe I need to give it a closer look. Since there's a debate again tonight, I doubt I'll be watching TV for fun tonight.

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as for getting blocked, I suspect blogger has had to learn to be extra careful since so many spam sites are created this way. i bet if you contacted them, they would free it up right away. After all, a true spammer would just move on but a legit user would complain.

Regarding the Fancast contact, yeah, I think you're right about them searching the net for their name. It's happened a couple of times to me and a friend.

My friend was talking about some new gum that came out and they sent him some for free., I talked about a brand of reusable diapers and the owner offered me and my readers a discount code. My wife posted about a controversial baby book and got a lot of feedback within minutes. It's called Google Alerts and I use it now to search for stories about sharks and homelessness (sorry, no homeless sharks yet)


I have a diet blog..I was going to keep track of the food that I eat..yea..hasn't worked for me.

I like the new look..sleek..

About a month ago, my blog was tagged as a Spam blog too. I think the message said that it could take up to 72 hours for Blogger to research the issue and unlock my blog if it was legit. Luckily, I was only locked out for a few hours.

By the way, thanks for linking to my blog. Every chance I get, I tell people about and One of the things I love about Hulu is that the content is provided by the studios, which means the audio/video is top quality. Sorry to hear about the problems you had at Although the site does have some functionality issues (for example, no pause button unless you go to full screen). However, I'm such a vintage TV freak that I'm willing to overlook those minor issues.

Oh yeah, you can get at least an hour of TV fun tonight. According to my Digital Cable Guide, DWTS airs at 8 pm.

I've heard of Hulu but never Fancast. I'll have to check that one out. Thank you.

i keep track of weigh ins on my thyroid blog life with hashi. i'm part of a group of bloggers doing the weight loss thing. one is taking it off together tuesdays and then one over at baby tea leaves called hot for the holidays.

in the beginning, i had written all my food & exercise routine in this weight loss journal i got a barnes & noble. it does help, except when you're lazy and stop doing it lol and hey, i actually posted my WEIGHT on my blogs. some say i'm brave...i'm just trying to be real lol