American Idol - SEMI'S!!  

Who's gonna win?? Hi all of Kristi's Blogger Friends!  My dear friend Kristi is on vacation this week, thought she had access to Wireless in Deadwood, South Dakota.. NOT!! So, last minute, here we go, I'm on the phone with her, getting her passwords.. I'm blogging for her.  As you can tell, I've already messed up once! FYI folks, I'm NOT creative like Kristi, please keep coming back to her BLOG after this!! She LOVES to Blog!! I thought I'd have help from my son and husband with this... nope, my husband left and my son went to bed! I'm on my own! Trying to start the TVO....

I haven't followed AI that much this season.. listened, but not really payed much attention.  I have to say, I did like Danny, I think it was his story that got me.  Anywho... let's see what's happening...

Live from Nokia Theatre!!  Battle of the acustic rocker vs. the Glam Rocker, Conway vs. California.
Kris won the coin toss, he elected to go 2nd. Each will sing 3 songs, their favorite performance of the season, one choosen by creater - Simon, and the winners single created by Kara.

Adam sings first.. 1-866-IDOLS 01, 03, 05, "VOTE" 5701
They do a little blog about him growing up, just a little.. ok, get to the singing. MAD WORLD is his song choice, it's from the week they did "Birth" week. He's all decked out in a black leather trench, looks like a gangster dude! Walks slow down the steps..fog machine going on ok ok, how did he do.. He can Sing! I admit it! That was good!
Randy says - love the sensitive side, love the long coat, the fog, A+ for Adam from Randy.
Kara - Happy he choose that performance. changed the game up for every other person. Rocked it tonight.
Paula - "astonishingly handsome".. geeze, does she ever say anything else... is she drunk! She gets on my nerves.
Simon - little theatrical, like Phanton of the Opera.

Kris Allen - 1-866-IDOLS 02, 04, 06, "VOTE" 5702.
Ain't No Sunshine.. also played sitting at the piano. Again, another little blog from his parents.. OK.. SING. Kris is Kris, he's got Soul! he's cool, I think he's changed dramatically since the beginning of the show.  I don't think he missed a note during this song and with the Piano! He sang the crap outta that song!!
Randy - Compared to the Lakers.. hmmm, know's exactly what kind of artist you are - Soulful! Best performance ever. Saved the Best song performance  for the last.
Kara - Agress with Randy. She says he has an intimate bond with the songs.
Paula.. GEEZE, do we care what she says! She slurs, and needs to have note cards up for her!
Simon - Wasn't sure when Kris was announced last week that America made the right choice, that this would be a competition.. BUT, after that song thinks the choice was right.

Round 1 - SIMON SAYS KRIS!! 

Round 2
Adam - Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke
OK, I LOVE THIS SONG... it's one of my favorite!!  What does Adam do, put a rock twist to it... Not sure I liked it in the beginning, but as it went on, I think it grew on me. Adam can just freakn sing anything.. he should have been discovered a long time ago!! It was good, Adam can change up any song and make it sound good. Wow, am I actually giving Adam the edge here???
Randy - Unbelieveable!!
Kara - Best Performance and Interpretation of song from beginning of the competition.
Paula - Best she's EVER heard Adam sing -- yeah yeah
Simon - 100% back in the game.
oohh, did you see Katie Holmes and little Suri??
Hmm, guess Adam didn't like like Kris winning Round 1!!!

Kris - What's Going On.. Marvin Gaye
Kris sings and plays guitar.. that's what i love about Kris, he's so artistic with the instruments!
Gosh, he's just got soul.. not dramatic like Adam's song.. but I like'd it.
Randy - a little light for this big room and point in the competition
Kara - you stay true to yourself from day 1. Have not played to the competition.
Paula - "tore that song up"
Simon - loved the song but sounded like 3 friends in the bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye, to laid back for a finally night.


This is the Winner's song, No Boundries, created by Kara,
Adam - He is sooo gothic looking in that outfit. I guess the song is OK, I don't think I like this winner's song as much as i've liked the past ones.  Sounds like he's screaming a bit. He has alot of emotion in his face while singing...the crowd is going CRAZY when he finishes, chanting ADAM, ADAM.
Randy - not one of his favorite Adam Performance's
Kara - thinks it's amazing what someone of his level of talent sings their song
Paula - very proud, god, here we go again.. she says the same thing over and over
Simon - judge's Adam, not song, best most original contestants ever on the show.
Adam thinks he got the job done tonight.. we shall see...

Kris - Winner's Song.. No Boundries
OK.. already started differently from Adam, lower pitch, soulful again. Isn't screaming... very toned down.
Randy - Very proud of what you've done in this competition. Amazing competitor. song fits voice better than Adams'
Kara - judge'd on fact he is a compelling artist. Hope's people vote on the Season.
Paula - she says what everyone else says
Simon - highlight first song, incrediable what he's done on the stage tonight. More confidence
Kris says him and Adam aren't competing, just giving a good show.  Yeah, I like Kris!!

Hmm. No winner this round from Simon.. Sounds like from the judge's, this is bye-bye Kris, maybe not though.. I think everyone think's Adam has this in the bag, maybe something different will happen, maybe not. Will you be watching tomorrow night.

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I think they avoided calling the last round because they want Adam to win and Kris sang the winner's single better.

I liked Kris better than Adam overall tonight. I'm picking Kris to win, but I won't be surprised if it's Adam. Even if Kris doesn't win, I'm proud of him for making it this far. I supported him back in the Semis when he was just an unknown, and he's come a long way since then. Adam's going to be a star no matter what tomorrow's result is.