OK All.. my 2nd attempt to blog this AI THING!! Who's gonna win??? And why OOO why, is this a 2 hour finale!! Here we go!!!

Cool - Ryan is in the middle of Kris and Adam, who are both wearing all white, Ryan is in a darker color -- lights shining on Kris and Adam, cool affect. Under 100 Million Votes came in for tonights winning vote. 624 Million votes for this season!!!

Ryan introduces the judges and they do a clip of each one from the season:
Randy sure did say "For Me, For You" ALOT this season!
Kara - she sure did say "Sweetie" and "Honey" an awful lot this season.. More Sweetie than Honey's.
Paula - OK, you know how I feel about Paula.. all she tried to do was use big words all season, and couldn't pronounce ANY of them correctly!!
Simon - Can he HEAR.. "What you say" was his favorite sayings this season.

Adam and Kris take the staircase for the last time.. geeze, Adam is in those combat boots.. I hate those. Flash to Conway Arkansas and the crowd.. lots of people! Now to San Diego.. lots of people. Carly the Irish Girl from one of the seasons introduces Adam's home town of San Diego.

The top 13 Perform - SO WHAT.. BY PINK.. Love this SONG!
They are all dressed in White.. (ok, so now I know why Adam and Kris are dressed in all white). I love it, it looks great! Even Scott is movn and groovn. OK, so the dancing near the end and the hopping to the middle of the stage was a little bit rough. The chick with the long blond hair -- Megan, can't dance a lick! They all seemed to have fun though.

Ohhh, here's David Cook singing. I like him. Crap, I didn't get the name of the song. I thought I read that his brother passed away not to long ago (i think i read it in People). Performance will be on itunes after the show (of course).
Oh man, they keep showing past AIs.. god if this was Kristi, she'd know them ALL. I can't name them!!

Golden Idol awards -- ok, whatever.. clips from the auditions and stuff.. boring, they could get rid of this and the show would then only be 1 hour!!! Norman the crazy guy won an award.. GOTTA GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO KRISTI ON THIS ONE.. THAT WAS HER MAN!!! OH KRISTI, YOU WILL LOVE THIS.. NORMAN IS PERFORMING!!

Duet - Queen Latifah and Lil Rounds. Queen Latifah looks good! I like Queen Latifah, remember her on Living Single? Bet Lil Rounds is in heaven!! Song is ok, singing together is just ok. Paula's jammn'.. of course. End of the song was good.

Jason Mariez(?) sings.

Kris Allen clip..
Kris Allen gets to sing with Keith Urban.. Kiss A Girl. Ohhh, Kris sings solo by myself for a bit. Can you imagine what all the AIs are thinking getting to sing with all these famous stars!! good good good.. i like Kris! Where's Adam... guess they save him for the second half.

Another song.. GLAMAROUS.. it's all the girls, oh god, Megan sang.. yuck.
FERGIE -- My sister in law says "Fergie is BAD".. Fergie has dark hair. WE love Fergie in my house... my son loves her..
Black Eyed-Peas perform and Fergie sings with them. Love the dancers get-ups, although they don't do much in the background.
More Golden Idol awards.. It's not even 1 hour in yet!! Bikini Girl!! Tiffany Shedd.. ummm I think that was her name, anyone remember her.. Bikini girl is singing.. in a bathing suit, yuck! OMG.. TOO FUNNY!! SOMEONE IS BEHIND Bikini Girl.. IT'S KARA.. she takes over the stage - OMG, TOO TOO FUNNY.. BIKINI GIRLS CAN'T EVEN SING!! AND THEN.. YOU GOTTA WATCH IT.. I CAN'T EVEN TELL YA!

Very good State Farm Commerical!

Cindy Lauper -- OMG.. I'm having an 80s flashback. Allison gets to sing with her. Does she even know who Cindy Lauper is??? Time After Time, Time After Time.. oohh, i loved it!

OK you Adam peeps.. they are talking to Adam's family.

DANNY DANNY DANNY is singing. HELLO... loved it.. have i loved everything tonight. OMG.. There's Lionel Richie. I've seen him in concert (with Shiela E, hmmm).. yeah in the 80s!! There goes Paula - Dancen' again. My husband turned on the surround sound for this! There's Reuben and his new wife!

45 more minutes to GO!

OK all you Cali people.. here's ADAM!
Adam is singing.. BETH.. he looks like a FLY.. wierd. Adam does good. and GUESS WHO'S SINGING... HMMM... KISS!! Adam is singing with KISS!!. He fits right in. Oh yeah, we love Gene Simmons in my house.. love the reality show! IIII WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT!! OK, so how much do you think Gene Simmons got paid to do this.. he does nothing for FREE!! The crowd is GOING CRAZY!!

Carlos Santana. I'm getting tired of doing this.. good song to play Guitar Hero.

Final Ford Video.. Kristi just loved these all season... hahahaha. ok, whatever, let's get to the end of this. Kris and Adam get new Ford 2010s.. whateva!

Steve Martin.. ooh, goodness. not sure how this all fits in. The Oil rigger dude is singing.. and that horrible Megan.. goodness. This sounds like a song from the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou... hmm, Steve Martin wrote that song.. and he was pickn a banjo.

A little bit of Rod Stewart.. The men are singing. And yep, you guessed it, guess who's singing. Don't we all love Rod.

Another Golden Idol Award. Guess who gets this one.. Screamer Girl!!

OK, I really liked all the bands/singers that were on the show tonight!! I think this may have been one of the best! I really like the way they had the IDOL finalists singing and then had the actual artist sing with them... pretty cool.

OK Peeps.. it's 9:52pm EST... who's gonna WINNNN!!!
Adam and Kris sing a final duet. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.. GUESS what Band is performing now.. hmmm.. you got it..

Thanks for letting me BLOG KRISTI.. I had a fun time!! My husband is sooo glad this is over!! I've made everyone in the house sit in silence...
COMMERCIAL.... it's now 9:56.. they said it would run over at least 7 minutes past 10pm EST. Whatcha West Coast peeps doin???
I have to get ready to call my friend Kristi in South Dakota.. i'm surprised she's not ringing my cell yet.. she must still be playn' poker.. she's dying to know who wins before she see's it!
Commercials for So You Think You can Dance.. be watching Kristi's Blog.. she loves this show too!

OK.. IT'S 10:00 PM.. WHO WINS WHO WINS WHO WINS.. here are the RESULTS being brought out onto the Stage. A new world record was created with voting. 100 MILLION


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Kudos to Kristi's sub tonite for good blogging...but I didn't read it until after the MT zone telecast. I have this to say: obviously there has been a strong conservative socio-political backlash vote in this outcome. IMHO, too many Red State voters became too scared of Adam's androgeny and ambiguity in light of their fear and reticence about Barack Obama and his administration's liberal direction (whether it's real, or just imagined). They ignored Adam's obvious talent advantage and superiority and voted "safely" for Kris. Not that Kris isn't talented - but tell me honestly, what tripped your trigger the most? Which is more incredible? Kris' SAFE and soundalike interp of Kiss a Girl w/Keith (hey, I love Keith as much as my spouse does)...or ADAM FRONTING FOR K-I-S-S! Can you IMAGINE that?? Even at my advanced age, I can tell you it's NO FREAKIN' CONTEST. Totally...W-R-O-N-G CHOICE.

Nice job with the recap! I thought Kris and Adam's duets were the best moments of the night. Surprisingly, I kind of liked Michael, Megan and Steve Martin too.


I really like the way they had the IDOL finalists singing and then had the actual artist sing with them... pretty cool.

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