Best Special Comment EVER  

Keith comments on the passing of Prop 8 in California. Everyone NEEDS to see this!

Like I needed another reason to love Keith!

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Not really an Oberman fan anymore. He's become just another liberal talking head. I don't much care for talking heads, conservative or liberal. I liked him better when he was at ESPN.
Love the look on your blog. Very nice.

i voted no on this prop. i have also signed a petition to bring this to our governor's attention. did you know some people thought voting yes on prop 8 thought they were making it legal for gays to marry. one person who voted yes thought it was to keep his neighbor from marrying a dog. some thought that this prop had to do w parental rights..which it had NOTHING to do with. so darn frustrating. whereas, i voted no, my husband voted yes, but i guess that's why we have freedom of choice, right? too bad he made the wrong one LOL

That was both eloquent and passionate. I'd love to hear what those against gay marriage would have to say after watching that clip of Keith.

I caught Melissa Etheridge on Oprah last week and she was saying how she feels the wording of Prop 8 was deliberately confusing causing those in favor of gay marriage to vote "Yes".