How to Understand the Jonas Brothers  

For months now, well, maybe not months but at least since the SYTYCD finale, I've been wondering why the teens love the Jonas Brothers. I watched and listened to them on SYTYD and did not see anything that made them fantastic. So the question remains, why do teens love them?

I think I now understand. The following is a quote off of a friend's Facebook page.

The Jonas Brothers are a HUGE deal! They are the best band ever, they trump the Backstreet Boys and Nsync in every way.

I was never into the boy bands back in the day so it's no wonder that I don't understand the current ones now!

Mystery solved...I don't get it and I never will!!

*" band ever..." I think not!!

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That's a typo. It should read " banned ever..."


They other day somewhere twitter..blogs whatever..we were talking about how Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus is what Kristy McNichol was to me..

I'm sure the Jonas Brothers are The Monkees , Bay City Rollers or Shaun Cassidy.


they suck BUT as i sat and watched with a drooling 16 year old i figured it out ... WE ARE TOO OLD TO GET IT!!!!! i have always hated boy bands so i guess they are no different! girls love these guys ... :-)

I don't get it either, or Miley for that matter. They must have the best marketing people in the world!

...and like every tween-targeted, oh-so-shallow, glossed-over pop tart act that comes along, it'll be forgotten mere minutes after the next clone comes along.

I'm counting the minutes until Miley Cyrus's 15 minutes are up.


I discovered your blog via The Pop Eye and thought I would pop over. It would be great if the person who wrote that on Facebook about the Jonas Brothers could read 10 or even 5 years from now. They would probably say "WTF?" The Jonas Bros. are alright, but let's not get carried away with calling them the best band ever.

By the way, I see that you are a Dancing With the Stars fan. If you have time, please take part in my current poll about DWTS.