Chris Annoys Keith...I think  

Howdy! It's been awhile since I blogged. It started to become homework instead of fun so I thought I'd better take a break. Not much has happened since I last blogged.

Super Cr3w won Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew.

Project Runway had an absolutely fabulous Drag Queen show (I've already watched it twice).

Shear Genius has it's final episode is this week.

My step-son came out to visit for a weekend.

I dog sat for my boss. Brownie points (plus the extra cash) never hurts!

I had a hair consultation and set an appointment for a new doo. I'm getting some pink extensions! Don't tell my South Dakota Family. I want to surprise them in Vegas.

My dad had a birthday. He turned 58.

I passed my 200th day without a cigarette.

American Idol is adding a fourth permanent judge this season and I hear that Paula is NOT happy about it.

I watched the Olympics and missed my Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Now, the Democratic Convention has started and my MSNBC shows are back! Which brings me to the title of this blog. I've been watching the show tonight and Keith Olbermann is paired up with Chris Matthews to anchor the coverage. While watching them, I have come to the conclusion that Keith is either annoyed or embarrassed by Chris. Chris has called people names and talked over other people and Keith is starting to get fed up with it. I saw him roll his eyes more than once.

Did anyone else notice that or is it just me?

PS - My brother's birthday is Friday. He'll be 18. My birthday is Saturday and I'll be 39. There are no children between us and we have the same MOM not dad.

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I'd be mortified if I had to co-anchor with Chris Matthews, too. As a journalist, I've studied interview technique ever since I can remember. Now that I'm more often than not on the other side of the mic and the camera, I study it even more intently.

There's something in Mr. Matthews's (sorry, Canadianism there) demeanor that smacks of disrespect. It's not the kind of attitude that interviewers had when I grew up. And even today, most of them don't.

Maybe I just come from a country whose small population and large geography made top-flight journos a necessity. But Matthews doesn't have the gravity of the greats. So I guess he becomes bombastic as a coping mechanism. Either way, it's lousy television.

Happy birthday in advance!

I was so happy to see Chris on PR, because this season's cast is pretty dull. Except Stella - she's a hoot.

Happy early birthday, in case I forget. I think I'm going away this weekend, so I might not have a chance to leave a comment! have an 18 year old brother, eh? Have I ever told you that I like 'em young? ;)

Pink extensions - that rocks! You have to post pictures. And happy birthday early. Enjoy this last one in the 30's (mine was in March) because it's not fun looking down the barrel at 40!

And thanks for the tips on Mummy 2. Can you tell I haven't been to the movies since Caden was born?


I think the 4th judge might be interesting, she's supposed to be more like Simon..and she's a song writer..

the smoke free thing isn't bad is it :-) Thanks alot for being such an inspiration to me..I don't know that I would have done it so soon but every time I'd click on your blog I would think about it...

Pink extensions..