Auditions - Salt Lake City  

Mormons dance? Oh yeah! Aren't Benji and Lacey Mormons? I think so. Anyway, SYTYCD is in Salt Lake City "this week" trying to find America's Favorite Dancer. Cat looks VERY cute in her dark pink hat. It looks cold out there. The guest judge this week is Mandy Moore. No, not THAT Mandy Moore. Mandy Moore is an excellent choreographer. I just loved her work last year. Here's my fave!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

The first person out of the gate was FABULOUS! And straight to Vegas! Chelsea was her name-o!

Okay! There was this funny guy that auditioned. His name was Michael Moore. He was bad. Not the worst I've seen but really bad. During the judging part he admitted he was bad and said a few funny things but the funniest thing was at the very end. He asked if he could just say one more thing, he said "I teach dance...No, Just kidding!" To fill you in, a lot of people audition and are horrible and say they teach dance. It's very sad.

Salt Lake has strip clubs...who knew?!?!

There were a few good ones to watch for in Vegas out of Salt Lake City. Next up...Dallas!

The guest judge for Dallas was the always wonderful and funny Adam Shankman of Hairspray fame.

Nothing to exciting happened in Dallas. There was an over-hyped confrontation between Mary Murphy and a bad dancers but, as I said, it was over-hyped.

I have to say I am not liking the corporate sponsored "Happy Dance" thing at the end. What the hell does Snuggle have to do with dance anyway?!?!?!

Tomorrow night is DC and Charleston, two of my favorite city.

Any stand outs for you tonight?

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I heard you had Mormons on your blog so I came to make mean-spirited comments about them. :)

I actually fell asleep on the couch tonight during the show. The last one I saw was the Native American guy dancing spastically.