"I didn't know a cat was singing this"  

I'm getting a late start tonight. I had to work a little late and then I lost track of time. Tonight is Andrew Lloyd Webber night on Idol. I thought Mariah Carey week was going to be bad but this might just blow that boring night out of the water.

Ryan says this is their toughest test yet and I think that's an understatement. I can't imagine it was easy picking a song. Agent Mulder is in the house! The band is down on the stage so the contestants get about a 5 foot square to work with. Okay, it's a little bigger than that but not much.

Excuse me, it's LORD Andrew Lloyd Webber night. After the intro video package, I may be taking back what I said earlier about this being a boring/bad night. Andrew is pretty serious in helping the kids out. This may just be a good night.

I guess since there's only 6 kids, that means more filler. Ryan is talking to the judges. Paula seems a little slower than usual.

Syesha (5701 and 5707) is going home tomorrow. I may change my mind about this but I don't think so. Singing:
“One Rock & Roll Too Many” from Starlight. "I can't hear nothing. What do you say?" Well, the twins are looking good in red tonight. Her hair is tame and so is her performance in the beginning. I thought she struggled during the first half and by the second half, I had heard the same words so many times that I no longer cared what she sounded like. Randy thinks she could be a huge Broadway star. Paula is pumped full of drugs and tells Syesha that she brought the house down in the very beginning. Huh? Simon agrees with Randy and calls it strong. Since she went first and her name is Syesha, she will AT LEAST be in the bottom three if not going home.

Jason (5702 and 5708) gets some chair time. He is so goofy! I love him! I refuse to call him a stoner since that was my maiden name.
Singing: “Memory” from Cats. KILL THE MOSH PIT! KILL THE MOSH PIT! KILL THE MOSH PIT! KILL THE MOSH PIT! KILL THE MOSH PIT! KILL THE MOSH PIT! I wasn't blown away and I thought is was a little boring. Randy called it a train wreck. Paula thought it was a wise choice and calls it a pop ballad? Simon said it wasn't Jason's style among other bad things. I don't care. I'm voting for him anyway!

Brooke (5703 or 5709) is singing a Madonna song. Singing: “You Must Love Me” from the film
adaption of Evita. OMG!! I can't believe what just happened!! That is the first time in the years that I've been watching American Idol that a contestant messed up and STARTED OVER! If that doesn't put her in the bottom three, I don't know what will. Well, she started up again but I'm not interested in listening any more. She isn't doing good and may be going home. I'm considering her song choice and wondering if it was just a little bit prophetic do to the desperation factor. Randy calls it a little tough. Paula is speechless at first then says "you must never start then stop" and then babbles some more. Simon says it became uncomfortable. You ain't kidding!

David A. (5704 or 5710) gets some chair time too. Wait! Not chair time...hug time. That was odd. Andrew gives him two pieces of advice: 1) Open your eyes and 2) Open your eyes. Darn! I was hoping that one of them would be to start licking his lips again. Singing: “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera. First of all, I've never seen the Phantom of the Opera or heard all of the songs (this being one of the ones I missed) but, from what I do know about it, I'm 99.9% certain that it's not a happy play. Judging by the lyrics of this song, I don't think it was meant to be sung as an Up With People number. David performed it relatively happy which seemed wrong to me. Then again, I could be wrong. Never the less, I don't care for him anyway. Randy says he's the one to beat. Paula calls it perfect. Simon called it one of his weakest and forgettable. I'm trying, Simon, I'm trying!

Carly (5705 or 5711) is singing “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I think she rocked it. Much better song choice than her original pick. Thank you, Andrew. She was also wearing sleeves which was nice! Randy says it was good and he liked the outfit. Paula loved it. Simon calls it one of his favorites of the night. Carly then pulls out a tee shirt from some where (I was typing) that says Simon Love Me (this week).

David C. (5706 or 5712) gets the pimp spot. Singing: “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. That was different and not in a good way. Where did my rocker go? I want him back. This was boring and I never...I just flashed on him singing the new crappy coronation song! That's going to be bad!! I didn't like it at all. I guess I won't be buying any new songs this week. Randy calls it an amazing hot molten lava bomb tonight. Paula calls him well rounded. Simon thought he made the most of...something that I'll never know. My Tivo kicked over to Reaper which is above Hell's Kitchen on my season pass list. I don't care. I'm still voting for him anyway.

Since we're down to 6, I'm not sure if we'll have a bottom three. It might be just a bottom two. Here are my picks for both. If there's a bottom three I believe it will be Syesha, Brooke and Jason. I think Carly did well enough tonight to escape the bottom three. I also don't think we'll see either David in the bottom grouping until the final three. If it's a bottom two, it will be Syesha and Brooke. One more time, I'm betting my points on Syesha to leave. I think that since she was first and Brooke is now getting the VFTW votes, her time is up...I hope. It would be nice to have her gone.

Who is your pick to go home?

PS - For those of you waiting for the Your Mama Don't Dance review, I'm sorry but I'm running behind. My husband was home an extra day this weekend and I've been working late every day this week so far. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be different. Stay tuned!

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Carly rocked it? Except for the fact that she flubbed the lyrics, *twice*. Luckily she's a good phony, so she just pretended like she was right and kept on going.

That's one good thing about not knowing the songs. I thought she might have flubbed but I didn't know for sure. It's still a rocking song. Overall, this was not my favorite week.

YAY! I'm the first poster tonight! (add in: Ok, I took too long and now I'm not) Anyways....

I should have jotted down all my thoughts first, cos I had a bunch of comments tonight. Ok, I'll try my best, and I'll number my thoughts from beginning of show to end, in hopes I remember everything. Ok, here goes:

1. I missed David Duchovny!! (curled lower lip) His daughter must be in that "not quite a teen yet" age. I think around the same age as Reese and Ryan's.

2. I agree! Nix the Most Pit!!! PLEASE! I still want to know who's going to call on Q&A night. I'm too afraid.

3. Lol @ hug time. Ok, did you notice Ryan said something about the girls being sisters, then like 12 girls came up on stage? They definitely weren't nuns! WTF was that?

4. Phantom is not a very happy musical, you're right. It's about a woman who gets the lead for an Opera and some scary guy who haunts the place falls in love with her, but she doesn't love him cos he is a whack job. Anyways, "Think of Me" is sort of ironic because it's a song in a play within a play. But its meaning is the same if it weren't that. Ok, I'm even confusing myself here. Next...

5. Carly's tee shirt seemed to come from Ricky Miner. Maybe he was holding it for her or something, in case Simon really didn't like her song. IDK, weird.

6. I really liked David Cook tonight. As much as I love the rocker that he is, knowing that he comes with a music theatre degree, it's sort of nice to hear this side of him. Music of the Night is an awesome song, if you listen to the original. You'll like Cook more after hearing that. (Michael Crawford(?) I think did it)

7. With 6 contestants left, they usually do the 2-2-2 split tomorrow. My guess is:
High-the Davids

Anything can happen though...Love your blog Kristi!!!!

<3 Andrea

Oh, I did forget one thing....I think Syesha and Cook were the only ones who didn't mess up the lyrics. I heard Archuleta and Jason screw up too!

I actually thought Randy was being kind, calling Jason's performance a trainwreck. Had it not been for Brooke screwing up the lyrics for the second time, I would be willing to wager hard earned money that Dreadlock Boy would get the cab ride to LAX tomorrow night. He is proof positive that Michael Johns left waaaaay too soon.


My girl Brooke is probably going home. I'd rather it be Carly or Syesha though. While Jason didn't do that great, I think he has enough fans that he'll stick around.

Paula contradicted herself from a few weeks ago when she PRAISED Brooke for being "professional" enough to stop and start over when she knew the song hadn't started properly - when she flubbed the beginning of "Every Breath You Take." Now she chides her for doing the same thing? I think that's why Brooke just stood there with that confused grin on her face.

The judges were downright nice to her, after attacking Jason because this wasn't his genre. It's no one's genre! He wasn't as bad as they said he was, IMO.

I am SO SO mixed on this. As the day goes on my mind changes a little.
First off..I just dig the hell out of Jason Castro..he is NOT going to win and I don't think he should but for me dawg..he could read the flipping phone book and I get a little melty on the inside...
I looked at my husband w/ a straight face and said, "awe, I like that version of Memory"..

Brooke: It was good except for the obvious..
Carley: It was a fun performance.
Seyesha: Very Broadway..and no she's not going to win..and she needs to go to Broadway, I think she would be perfect for the stage.
David A: He's a sweet little boy w/ a nice voice..but come on voters..he's not going to be the next Justin Timberlake.
David C: Very nice.... Phantom of the Opera...you should have dressed more for Lord Weber..not Weber Grill. I don't care for that ballad side but technically he was good..

SO..who's going home? I think Brooke Jason or David A deserve it..I think actually Brooke or Syesha will.

Thank you for allowing me to be a huge comment whore today. I guess I should have just posted this on my blog :0)

Thanks for stopping everyone! I LOVE getting comments! Good or bad they just make me happy that someone is reading this darn thing!