The end of the Beatles?  

We can only hope! Let's also hope that they practiced this group sing longer than they did the last one. Ryan is going to tell as the mentors for this year. The first one is Dolly Parton!!! I love her. "The Best Little Whore House in Texas" is one of my favorite musicals! She had written a ton of songs so it should be a good show as long as the idols listen to her. She's awesome and funny! OMG! It's true! The second one announced is Mariah Carey. Please, oh please, let Amanda make it that far!!!! Third is Andrew Lloyd Webber for "Show Tunes" night?!? Jason needs to do "If I were a Rich Man"! The last one is Neil Diamond. I don't know about you but I'll be looking for "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show". Chop THAT one down to 90 seconds! All in all, it looks pretty good...except for Mariah. She sings notes only dogs can here.

Jordon is certified Gold. Is that the lowest? I'm not sure how that works.

The song writing contest is back in cased you haven't heard that already.

"Okay! I just got done watching the group sing and there are a few things that begged to be pointed out. It started out pretty strong (as far as groups sings go) with just the guys then Brooke enters singing I don't know what and joins up with Ramiele who's mic is not working. The weird thing about it is that I was looking at Ramiele and hearing Brooke which totally threw me off. If you have it recorded, watch it again and just look at Ramiele, it's pretty funny. Carly sings and then onto Syesha. When the singing switches from Syesha to Kristy, the camera goes all crazy for a second, like the cameraman tripped. I wouldn't be surprised if Syesha "accidentally" bumped into him/her. The girls then oddly sit on the couches of death and sway back and forth until the guys come over and get them. They're singing about the earth being round and head full into an Up-With-People Version of a group sing with TONS of "ah-ah-ahs". Amanda has a very tiny part at the end just before the final group glory note. WOW! That's entertainment! That was more singing then the entire show last night.

They are really trying to fill time tonight by bringing each contestant up one at a time to tell them if they are safe? Holy crap! This is going to take forever.

First up: Brooke - safe
Next: Carly - Shocker! She's in the bottom three! I don't think anybody saw that coming!
Next: Kermit the Star Search Boy - why didn't he just walk straight to the couches?
Next: Michael - is safe? He was WAY worse than Carly

WOW! I just assumed that Carly was automatically in the final four. I don't think she's going to go home cause it's too early for THAT big of a shocker.

Up next is the making of the Ford video. Just show the damn video! That was worth the wait...not!

Back to the killings: David Cook - safe
Next: Kristy Lee Cook - bottom three
Next: Jason - safe
Then I think he says "Let's tour Vegas!" to David C. and Michael!
Next: Ramiele - she must be safe...and she is

The caller portion of the show is next and I'm fast forwarding.

The Pickler is up next! The interview is great. My favorite line: "I couldn't skate worth a crap." She is funny and entertaining and still a little cross-eyed. OH! She is singing "Red High Heels" I thought she was going to sing something new. Oh well! At least I can sing along. Yes, I downloaded it as soon as it was on iTunes. Sometimes I think I need professional help. This live version is about 10 times twangy-er then the recording. Her hair is cute. She's having the time of her life..good for her!

Idol gives Back is with Elliott!! Damn! Now I have to watch this part. Crap! Ohhh! They just named a baby after Elliott and now he's crying and now I'm crying!

Next out is Syesha and she's in the top ten damn it!
The final two are Amanda and Chikezie and Chikezie is safe.

The bottom three are Amanda, Kristy, and Carly.

Over to the couches first is Carly. Duh!

It's down to Amanda and Kristy. And Amanda is going home!!! DrillerAA and Ian had it right! I got no points in the pools this week! I guess I'll be back to 145th place again! It looks like Kristy thought she should have went home. Amanda had to tell her it as alright and point her to the couches.

I wanted Amanda on the tour over Kristy but I guess America wants Kristy to get her horse back.

What do you think?

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Hey Kristi!

I had to leave a comment, cos I really haven't had a chance to do so yet. Great job on your blog. I love that I now have a bunch to read, besides Jennifer's. I have to say, I think I agree with your choices and opinions the most out of everyone.

Again, great job, and I'll keep on reading!

I thought it was funny too how Amanda seemed to be comforting Kristy even though she was the one going home. I'm going to miss Amanda. She was awesome.

"Michael - is safe? He was WAY worse than Carly."

Heyyy. Whoa. Let's just calm down here.

I would totally work at The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas if Michael was one of my Johns.