Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Well, someone is going home tonight and my hope is Phil but it could be Gina. I heard that Tony won't be singing tonight. After all, he is 80 and he's been a VERY busy man!

Same old stuff: recaps, meet the judges, etc.

Ryan did say there would be a live performance but he didn't say by who. I heard they were trying to get Michael Bubble or however you spell his stupid last name! I've never liked him just because of his name.

Ford commercial: it's the Jamaica song! That had to be the worst commercial yet.

They're doing the groups-of-three thing.

Group one: Blake, Sanjaya and Chris are safe.

Group two: Haley, Gina and Phil are the bottom three.

Group three: Jordin, Melinda, and LaKisha are safe.

Am I right? Yeah! Now they let the bottom three stew for about 15 minutes!

Oh joy. It's Michael Bubble. I'm thrilled. I love Tivo!!

YUCK! I have to watch Phil again next week!

Gina is going home. That's too bad! Phil should be going home damn it! Gina was very boring last night but Phil was boring AND scary!

It was nice knowing ya Gina! I'm sure we'll see more of you!

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