Steppin' Out With My Baby...Sanjaya!

Tony Bennett is the guest star tonight and, as my friend Michelle said, this should be about as fun as watching paint dry! Tony Bennett is an American Treasure which means he's old and boring. I'm hoping he actually teaches the kids something and doesn't just say "sing from your heart" or "let your light shine."

And here we go! Same old crap in the beginning, blah, blah, blah. Ryan calls Tony the master. HEY! The first song that they're playing in the background for the Tony montage in the one I picked for the title! That's cool! He's 80! Wow!

Blake's singing Mac the Knife! I won a Karoake contest with this song. Blake reminds me of a cross between Bono and Sting. Angie thinks he looks like Popeye, I have to agree. He's in the Dead Man's Spot so that's a strike against him right from the get go. Is it just me or is he singing longer than normal? It was going so good until the scatting. I'm not a big scat fan, either singing or the "other" kind.

Harry Potter is coming to the Idol Gives Back thingy. I hope he is going to be wearing clothes! Those naked picutes were a little creepy. He's a little kid! Kelly is coming back for the thingy too!

Scary Phil is next and the practice doesn't sound so good. Tony likes him so I'm not liking Tony right now. Phil starts off out of key. Since it's a slow song, he might be out of key the whole time. He does look like that vampire from those really old movies (Nostrea or something like that). I don't like Phil and this song didn't change my mind. The thought of making love to him made me throw up a little in my mouth. Simon calls it dark. Well, that's because of his eyebrows. DUH!

Side Note: Randy, guy's shirts shouldn't sparkle.

Melinda is not breaking out of the box and that surprised look when she gets a complement is wearing THIN. She's sounds great but I'm bored. She grabbed my attention at the end. Here comes her surprised look again but not as big tonight. The judges love her as always. Simon didn't like the first half and either did I.

Side Note: I think they've been picking themes so Melinda and LaKisha won't have to go out of their boxes. (he, he, I said "box!") Oh to be a chosen one!

Oh good. Chris R. is next. I'm thrilled. Can you tell? Fast Forward through the stupid question and the stupid answer. He's singing Don't Get Around Much Anymore. I like this song too. He starts it rather pitchy and sounds bad. That could just be me. He throws in too many runs and really sounds like a goat at times. They called Elliott goat boy last year but Chris beats him in that department and ONLY that department. The judges don't agree with me, as usual.

Jordin is next! I love her! She's singing On a Clear Day. I'm going out on a limb and saying that she's going to win the whole thing! I'll be splitting my votes between her and Sanjaya tonight!

Gina is singing Smile. She looks a mess tonight. The hair is old, the makeup is too shiny, the outfit seems out of place and the song is VERY old sounding. I'm sorry but that was boring and so far the second worst tonight. Second only to Phil.

Sanjaya is singing Cheek to Cheek and his goal is to make America see that he can sing. I'm not sure if he's doing it. He needed to come out swinging. LOVED the dancing with Paula! I really like him! He does entertain! Paula says he's charming and he is.

Welcome to the Universe of Sanjaya! Lucky number 7! He is too cute for words! I just love this kid. He makes me smile!

Haley can sing but she's kinda boring most of the time but not tonight! She's playing to her appeal and legs. BTW, she sang Ain't Misbehaving. Paula was right, green is a good color for her.

LaKisha gets the pimp spot. She's singing Stormy Weather. I like this song too. She didn't start out well if you ask me. All of her songs end up sounding the same to me. I'm sure the judges will love her.

Well, nothing like last year but that's nothing new. Sorry, I forgot the songs that Phil and Melinda sang. I'm sure Jennifer or MJ has them. Tony wasn't much help to the kids but I do love his songs!!

Bottom Three: Phil, Gina, Haley

Who's going home: After the recap, I'd have to go with Phil. *crossing my fingers* I'm afraid it might be Gina packing her bags tomorrow instead.

Susan, I'll post my answers Thursday!

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Sanjaya is the worst ever. There is no talent there at all. For me, Melinda is the pro and is by far better that all the rest.

Hey ocha!

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you stopped by...and so quickly! How'd youget here?


There certainly seems to be a lot of fuss surrounding this Sanjaya guy!