Movin' on up

I spent all day yesterday packing. When you live some where for 10 years, you accumulate a TON of shit! I did say that I was going to post pics of the new place but I was in such a hurry to measure the space that I forgot to take pictures. I'm a dummy! I did take some pictures of the downtown area for you to view!

This is the north end of the walking mall which runs about 4 blocks. This end is where all the action is. There is a great Italian restaurant called Violino's (right side of photo - green and yellow fence) Brewbaker's, another restaurant, is a very popular spot in Winchester (umbrellas on the left). During Apple Blossom, the fenced-in outside seating area is PACKED. Also on this end of the mall you can get your shoes shined, buy home brewed beer, get an excellent sandwich at the Cheese Board, buy a formal gown, stock up on fudge, and spend a few thousand dollar on a painting! There's also a Post Office and a Dollar General Store.

This isn't the best picture of the Court House Square but I was in a hurry. This is where the city holds concerts and has First Night on New Year's Eve. Village Square Restaurant is on the right and has great food. This section has a number of Interior Designers, a bead shop, a pottery shop, and a Daily Grind (Winchester's version of Starbucks). There are also additional restaurants and Wilken's Shoe Store in this section of the mall.

Here's my friend Angie in front of the fountain. We're pretending to work so she has a delivery for one of our customers.

This is the front of our new home! Our apartment is on the top floor, the two sets of windows on the right. The front entrance is on the bottom left of the photo.

Here's the view from the front door to the right.

Here's the view to the left.

And the view straight ahead. As you can see, we have a parking lot right in front of our door. We don't have to worry about where visitors are going to park! You can also see that we are on the quite end of the mall whicha a good thing is you're trying to sleep.

I think we are going to love it! I hate to move and dreaded having to do it until we got this apartment now I can't wait! I wish we were there now! I tried to talk my husband into moving this weekend but he talked me down. After all, we're not even packed!

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