J-Lo is on AI tonight! I liked what she said in her opening. Okay, I'll admit it. I've always been a J-Lo fan. I have one of her Spanish CD and I don't even speak Spanish! This blog isn't going to be as long because I'm trying to do ten different things and one of them is packing! The movers are coming on Sunday! I'm so excited!!!

Anyway, on with the show. Melinda is in the dead man's spot but she'll be safe even though she is BORING AS SHIT! She can sing but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Simon agrees with me on the boring part.

LaKisha is next. Don't like her and this song did nothing to change that. Ditto for Chris but he was the best so far.

I do love J-Lo! She is ACTUALLY giving good advice!

Haley is rockin' her "assets!" She is not good and I think she's going home. She SUCKED!!!!!

Phil is singing through his nose tonight which doesn't do him any favors. He sucked and will be in the bottom three...AGAIN.

Jordin rocks! She loves 80's music!! Well, tonight is kinda boring all around. I'll still vote for Jordin.

Blake sounds okay but...again...boring. I don't get it. Is the band too slow? Everything has been pretty boring. Latin music rocks so what's going on?

Sanjaya picked the best song of the night! They gave him the pimp spot too! He was awesome!!! I wonder how many people are sitting in their living rooms stunned! Rocking a new hair-do too!

I think it will be Haley, Phil, and LaKisha in the bottom three with Haley going home (but I wish it was Phil).

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Sounds like you're really busy! Good luck with the moving!

As I said before I've not been watching AI but I can understand why you find it entertaining!


The whole show was boring this week...actually this whole season seems to be a bit lame. I guess that's why we have Sanjaya!!!

You are so right susan!