Will He Stay or Will He Go Now?

Will Sanjaya make it? That's the question on every one's mind. Well, that and what will his hair look like! It's the results show and we know a few things going in: there will be a recap of what we had to endure last night, Gwen will perform, there will be a Ford commercial, they will give us a lame question for the "Idol Challenge," and someone will be heading to the airport after the show! I'm hoping that's there's a group sing. We shall see because THIS is American Idol!

Ryan just came out in a Faux-Hawk and it looks...a little like a samurai wig. "I've been Sanjaya-ed." And here's the recap. And then...the break.

The Ford Commercial is "I Fought the Law." TOO much Chris R. for me. YUCK!

Blake is safe.
LaKisha is safe.
Melinda is safe.
Sanjaya is SAFE!!! GO Sanjaya, GO!
Haley is in the bottom three.
Jordin is safe.
Gina or Chris S. will be joining Phil and Haley...after the break.

But first, we see last weeks winner of the AI Challenge. Hello! This weeks question is stupid like the others. Velvet Teddy Bear? Hummm! Who could that be? DUH! Gotta go enter! You may just see me next week! Yeah, right!

Some pimping for the charity thingy and then Gwen. HEY! LOOK! Dancers! I think someone else besides Gwen wrote the songs for No Doubt. This is all style and no substance. It's Fast Music. "I'll have the #3 with a large synthesizer and a side of dance." I'll never understand baggy pants look that shows your underwear. I don't want anyone to know what color my underwear are. I guess I'm just too old.

Another break.

I think Chris S. is going to be in the bottom three and I'm right. Well, my original thought on the bottom three was correct. Go with your gut next time!

Going home tonight is Chris S. See ya! It was great knowing you. Good luck! I'm sure your CD with "Half Past Forever" will sell great. I thought you had a good chance but you really didn't bring it like I thought you would. Chris is doing great job with the song tonight. He should have sang this good last night. We will miss you!

Well, I got that one wrong. Don't forget to vote Sanjaya next week!

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