Don't Speak...SING Damn it!

It's Tuesday and this is American Idol. Gwen is gorgeous!! LaKisha is up first and singing Donna Summer. WHOO! That dress is a little too busy for a big girl. The top half is great and the bottom half is Joseph's Coat of Many Colors. She sounds good as normal but it was kinda boring. I'm getting tired of this one trick pony. Randy says it was a change? Oh well! What do I know! Boy! The judges are pimping her a ton! It's great to be the chosen one.

Time to play the bills! I forgot to reset my Tivo to record longer so I have to do this live but I will have these wonderful (rolling of the eyes) commercial breaks to catch up and correct my spelling! As normal, I'm playing poker too.

Oh! I forgot to tell you all! Mike and I found a new place to live! We're getting kicked out of the town house because it was sold. It was REALLY cheap so finding a place we could afford without fainting was a chore. It's expensive out there. The place a really cute it's smaller but it's right downtown. I will be walking to work!! It's not really a choice. It would take me longer to drive. More later!

We're back. Chris S. is in the chair for the question. He is singing Police!! I love them. He was suppose to be last so this is not good. He's a little off and a little nasally (is that a word? I guess spell check will let me know.). Not too good for Chris S. He might be in danger tonight because I'm voting for Sanjaya! I'm disappointed in him and have been for awhile. I haven't voiced that opinion because I liked him but I'm strangely free to talk about the contested that I wanted to like but really didn't.

Gina is next and what in the hell is she wearing? It's too shiny. She's doing MUCH better than last week. The judges like it and call it her best performance AND the best performance so far tonight. I agree! Too bad I have Sanjaya Fever. Maybe I can vote for both of them.

Commercial Break: Okay, back to the apartment. It's in an old building downtown and faces the walking mall. We will be moved in just in time for annual Apple Blossom Festival! It's going to be a party! I think I want to try and have a house warming party that Friday before the parade. I'm excited. I'll post pics when we move.

Sanjaya is singing No Doubt. Look at his hair!! Love it! He forgot the words...perfect! I know Dave is happy. Fantastic! Very cheesy!! Loved it! I wish he would have rocked it a little more but it's good for me.

Haley is singing one of my favorites, "True Colors." She's showing a lot of leg which works for her. It's boring but she can sing very well. She's in danger for tomorrow.

Commercials: The apartment has one bedroom, living room, kitchen and, of course, a bathroom. The ceilings are very high and the windows very tall. The floors are hardwood and everything has been redone. It is so CUTE! I'm planning on making some furniture for it and get rid of the old stuff we have now. I have 3 very helpful Trading Spaces books that I got on sale for a total of $5.00. It was a steal. We have a cool little phone nook that I can't wait to do something with.

Scary Phil is next with his HUGE eyebrows. He is also singing the Police. I hate him. Damn! That's an ugly hat. He doesn't sound too bad as long as I don't look at him. He's no Sting but it's very good Karaoke. I think he might be safe tonight. DAMN!

Melinda the lollipop kid is next. I'm sorry. I've been trying not to be catty but I just can't anymore. She's great but it's not the kind of music I listen to so I'm always bored with her and find myself zoning out. She'll get rave reviews...and she does. I'm shocked! Her "I don't know how good I am" act is soooo old.

Commercial Break: time to play a little poker. My big stack isn't big anymore!

Blake is singing "Lovesong" by The Cure. I hope he doesn't beatbox! Like to outfit tonight. He's sounding really good tonight! Good for him.

Jordin is singing No Doubt. I love her!! She was the best of the night! Loved it Loved it Loved it! She might make me change my mind about Sanjaya.

Chris R. get the pimp spot after the commercials. I don't understand why people like him. I think he is bad and I wish he would go home. Poker is on break so I don't have anything to do except to type away. I'll tell you about the Apple Blossom Festival. It's a time when this town triples in size and we party down! We have a largest parade of firetruck on Friday evening and the grand feature parade on Saturday.

Gwen hopes that Chris R. sticks to the melody and doesn't fuck it up. I'm paraphrasing. I don't like him and I don't like this. YUCK! I want him to go home too!

It looks like my Tivo knew that Idol would run long. It's so smart!!

To wrap everything up:

bottom 3: Haley, Chris S., Scary Phil Chris R.

Bye, Bye Haley! I wish Phil would go but I think it's going to be Haley.

We shall see tomorrow if my record is in tact. Until then, Mantoni OUT!

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