Why do I do this to myself?!?!?!

I am my own worse enemy! I'll make a list of things to do or thing I want to do or things I don't want to do. While I'm writing it I think "I'm going to do it this time." and "This list WILL get done!" Then what happens? NOTHING! Oh I might cross a few things off but I never get the whole thing done. I bet if I had a list with only 3 things on it, I still wouldn't get it done no matter how simple the items were.

For example, I've had to cancel my home phone since Thanksgiving and still haven't done that! I have $160.00 in rebates that I've needed to do for just as long.

I think my big problem is that I'm too optimistic. I think I'm going to change and I never do. I want to change, no, really I do! I have no clue why I don't. It's a mystery to me. Something I think is more important comes up or I think, "That will only take me a couple minutes so I can do that tomorrow." Why don't I think "That will only take me a couple minutes SO I'LL DO IT NOW." I NEVER think that.

Right now I have a list of 15 things that I need to do before I go to sleep tonight and I bet I'll only get about 5 of them done. Oh! I didn't even list watching 24! I know, I can watch that later but I'm dying to find out what happens! I can't believe Jack bit into that guys jugular to escape! That was gross! Chloe and her ex don't look right together to me. Is it just me or does anyone else think that? And when did Karen and Bill get married?? I hate it that they skipped two years...SEE, there I go again getting off track. I swear a gentle breeze could blow my train of thought off it's tracks!!

This blog item is a PERFECT example! I could be spending this time doing something that's on my list but NO! I rant here instead. What am I going to do with myself?!?! I hate it when my mom's right!!

Under the title of this blog I mention something about becoming so organized that I'll scare small children. Well, if there were any children here right now, they would be crawling all over me like the jungle gym!!

Thanks to all that stopped by over the weekend! Check out the other blogs over to the right!!

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I had the same problem with my list of things to do this weekend. I ended up putting off my post until today and still didn't get all the others done because of all the wrenches people were throwing at me. I guess there is always tomorrow.

Hey Kristi. I procrastinate like crazy and am very aware of my limitations in that area. I still make lists just to stay organized but I do so knowing that I'll likely not finish the items. C'est la Vie.

I just started watching 24 a couple of weeks ago. I spent a long weekend with my girlfriend watching all of Season One (on DVD) and have been watching Season Two (from A&E) the past couple of weeks. It's something like 8 episodes into the season so far. I taped the two double episodes from the current season but haven't watched them yet. It's a pretty good show!

Oof! Do I ever know that feeling! For instance, i have about 3 videos I need to be editing but what am I doing? Surfing the intenet and reading blogs (yours is good btw!).

It is hard to clamp down. i figure, if I can get things done in small bursts, that is better than nothing, And if I can cross 2 things off my long list, that is better than nothing. Baby steps!