It's AI Time!

Finally! American Idol is back! I got WAY too involved last year and I'm headed in the same direction this year. We've had four hours of auditions so far and there are a couple of people I'm routing for. I can't remember their names (I forgot to write them down before I deleted the shows from Tivo) but I'll know them when I see them in Hollywood.

As most AI fans know, Hollywood week is already done and the final 24 have been picked. There are sites out there that have that info but I avoid them. I like to see how thing unfold!

Last year we didn't see Chris or Elliott until the final 24 were picked so I reserve the option to change all of my opinions until that least.

The 24 4-hour premier was awesome! I never thought they'd kill a main character AND explode a nuclear bomb! I don't know what the rest of the season will bring but I can't wait to see. The only problem is that it's opposite of Heroes. I have an older Tivo and can only record one show at a time. Mike likes both shows and works on Mondays...WAIT! I just remember that his schedule should be going back to normal so he'll have Monday's off!! I guess we'll watch 24 "live" and then watch Heroes.

Any other AI fans? 24? Heroes?

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I'm a 24 fan! The new season starts here tomorrow night and I can't wait :D

I love 24. I think it's the best thing to hit TV in a long time. I do need to catch up somewhat as I haven't seen past season 4 yet for various reasons so don't let on what happens too much or warn me if you do!

I'm sorry if I said too much about 24. I won't in the future! I hate it when someone spoils a show for me.

I don't watch AI, Kristi, though my girlfriend does but I love Heroes and both of us have just started watching 24. I bought Ren the DVD set for the first season for Xmas and we watched all 24 shows on New Year's Weekend. It was so great to just watch them back-to-back like that.