Happy Birthday to all!!

This is the time of year when a LOT of my family has birthdays. Afterall, the holiday season is 9 months before!

Today is my brother Andy's birthday and tomorrow is mine! yeah. Andy is 16 and I'm much older than that! Okay, I'm 37 if you must know!

Last week, my cousin Keri had a baby girl (Hadley Makai) and today, my best friend from high school, Susan, gave birth to a little girl as well (Catherine Wade)! In addition to these two...additions...the following also have birth days either coming up or just past:

Uncle Mike (Aug. 9)
Kendra (Aug. 11)
My Dad (Aug. 14)
Aunt Sandy (Aug. 15)
Emili and her brother (Aug. 28 and Aug. 27)
Me and my brother (Aug. 30 and Aug. 29)
Uncle Jimmy (Sept. 1)
Aunt Peggy (Sept. 4)
Uncle Scott (Sept. 4)
My step dad Russ (Sept. 6)

Not too shabby for less than a month!!

Take Care-

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Happy Birthday from the Tortilla Chips and Milk gang!


Thanks Paj! So far the party is still going. I had dinner with my dad last night and dinner with my husband tonight. On Sunday, I'm having a cookout with the rest of my family that's here locally.

The presents aren't as fun when you get older but they are more useful!