We will Miss you, Elliott! We will also buy your CD when it comes out!

In one of the closest vote totals ever, Elliott was sent "home" last night. It is sad that the best singer won't win AI since Chris and now Elliott aren't there but it does go it show that AI is NOT a singing competition. I challenge all of you to close your eyes when Taylor performs next and LISTEN. Would you buy a CD by this guy?

I will be watching the final show but I will not be voting. It doesn't matter to me who wins now so why waste the time. I've invested a lot of time into Idol this year and it's a bitter sweet ending. I know, it ends next week but it's really over for me now.

Look for Elliott to disappear after the Idol Tour and come out later with a new look and ready to knock our socks off!!

Elliott, we love you and you did GREAT!!!


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