Swan Song It's Really Over! It was no surprise to anyone (except David Hasselhoff - did you see him tear up?) that Taylor was declared the next American Idol.

I was reading all the blogs and comment sections as well as getting on the E-Train and I was so excited by the time it started that I didn't think I was going to make it.

I actually started watching the TV Guide channel at 7pm. Kimberly and whoever the other chick is can not interview more than one person at a time. It was so annoying to have them talking over the guests and the guests talking over each other. I got too annoyed and was glad when 7:30 rolled around so I could switch to Fox for the Red carpet crap.

Crap was right! Who was that old guy interviewing people? Does he know he's getting feeble minded? Also, 7:30 is too late to start something like this because EVERYONE IS ALREADY INSIDE! I didn't realize that until the only thing the old fart did was go to tape. Oh! And I had just watched all these people get interviewed on the TV Guide channel! So far, my night was not going well.

Thank goodness it's 8pm! I don't think I would have made it any longer!

The show opened with a big group number with Carrie Underwood leading it off. Joining her were Kat and Taylor and joining them was the rest the 12 finalist all in white. It looked nice but kinda boring. Where's my Elliott?!?!

The judges intros were quite entertaining! Loved Simon's montage! Now, on to the good stuff!!

Paris and Al were fabulous! I know we haven't seen the last of her! They looked like they were having a great time. Over all, everyone on the show tonight looked like they had a great time.

Can I ask you all one question...Why are they still pimping Pickler? I don't get it! She lost! Get over it. I don't want to see any more of her then I have to.

Holy cantalope Batman! It's Meatloaf and McBoobs! Meat had a little trouble starting off but this is the largest TV audience in the history of mankind so I'd be nervous too! Kat was fabulous and helped him. I really liked this performance. I would have loved it more if McBoobs were in the McDress more. They were a little distracting. As it turns out, they would be on display the entire evening.

New item for AI, the Golden Idols. I think some of the clips could have been shortened but overall these was a very funny segments. After the first "winner" wasn't there, I thought, "Great, this is just a way to show the same old tired clips." but when Crazy Dave came out and fell off the stage, I was very happy!!

The guys did a number next and I was entertained. Not enough Elliott! Kevin, please stop checking the "boys."

The next Golden Idol is for most emotional family member. Mrs. Yamin won!! She is such a cute little old lady! I'm going to miss seeing her. This paves the way for Elliott's number with MJB. I'm not familiar with her work but I think I would like it. I'm a little disappointed with this number because they really didn't seem together. Not like the rest of them.

I just realized that I forgot about Chris and Live! They aren't in my notes! I'm so sorry! Chris and the Live guy look alike but they don't sound alike! That guy better watch his back! Chris is going to mop the floor with him one day! I hope I didn't forget anything else!

After Elliott, Carrie did her new single to up the sales. I'm disappointed that she was the only past Idol winner on the show. I would have loved to see ALL the winners and ALL the number 2's perform. Maybe next year.

Taylor and Toni are next with In the Ghetto. Is that the way she normally sings? This whole performance was just odd. Was she trying to get Taylor to feel her up? I'm glad that's over! Yuck!

Girls number is next. I liked it. Mandisa rocked! I don't think they should have done Trouble. Elliott killed it and they did not come close to him. I will have to say that this number was too much Kat. The guys number didn't have too much Taylor so I'm not sure why they did so much Kat in this one.

One of the best parts of the night came next...another Golden Idol! The guys reaction to Clay coming on stage was priceless! He looked just like a little school girl! Clay's looking a little scary! What's up with that? I'm NOT a Clay fan so I don't really care, just thought it was odd.

The Burt Tribute was kinda long and did Mandisa mess up or what?! Everyone else did a good job but Elliott was Fantastic!!!! Lisa was very, very good as well. Why are they still pimping Pickler?!?! Dionne Warwick coming out at the end was great. She still sounds great but was little pitchy at the end.

Another Golden Idol for best male bonding! The Brokenote Cowboys are back!! Little Garet is as cute as ever! This AI experience will live with him forever. I can see him in 50 years talking to the turkeys "Did I every tell ya I was a TV star once?"

OMG! It's Prince!! This is a BIG surprise! I love it! I don't know the songs he sang but they were his! I wish he would have either sang with the Idols or sang something everyone knows for the second song (Kiss, Purple Rain, etc.).

McBoobs is back with Taylor for the duet. One word - Blah. I did learn that McBoobs doesn't play will with others. Anyway, big announcement...Taylor wins. Like we didn't already know.

That's it for this year! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this blog now but I'll think of something!


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