Well, it's Execution Day!

My general feelings for the night were ho-hum. I think they might have been better to do Disco or the 80's. This was too close to what they did with Barry Manilow. It was nice not to have Chris scream-sing again. I am now in love with Elliott! I'm hoping that last weeks Execution Day helped him. Gotta love a man that cries!!

First up was Chris and I thought it was okay. I'm glad he ditched the eyeliner! I think he could have done more with it but who am I to talk. The most I've ever won by singing was a steak dinner!

Next was Paris. I'm on the fence with her. Sometimes she sings the word in a very strange way. Kinda like they get stuck in her nose or something. I think she'll be in the bottom three tonight.

Taylor was pretty good. He's an entertainer! I don't think he has the best voice but he can work a crowd. I guess that's the benefit of being the lead of your own band and working Vegas!

Then we had Elliott, the last underdog! He is getting better looking each week and thanks goodness! He may be the best male singer but, without the looks, he's had a hard time. I'm very worried for him tonight!

I thought Kellie was terrible! Did you see Simon put his head down on the table? That was funny! I wish that people voted on the night's performance only but we have a TON of people who are buying into her act. Simon said last week that the American people appreciate honesty but I don't think everybody does. If that was the case, Kellie would have been gone a long time ago. It's wishful thinking that she'll be in the bottom three and even MORE wishful thinking that she'll go home tonight. But a girl can dream can't she?

Ace was next looking rather odd with his hair in that severe ponytail. Yes, Ace, we know that you didn't cut your hair. We're not blind! He will be in the bottom three but I don't know if he's going home tonight. BTW, I HATE falsetto!!

Katharine rounded out the night in the pimp spot. I have to agree with Simon that she seemed like a seasoned professional but I'm not sure that's what America wants. I wasn't very excited about her performance. She is the best female singer since Mandissa left but I'm not sure if that will be enough to win it for her. She will, however, be safe tonight.

Over all it was an okay episode. I'm not sure who will be leaving tonight but I can't wait to find out!!

PS-DialIdol put Ace on the bottom but they had him there last week...we shall see!

Take Care-

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