The Morning After

Well, it wasn't as bad as I had hoped. Actually, I was pretty surprised that they all did as well as they did. I'm not sure if a Queen night was such a great idea but it seemed to work okay. It was great hearing from the guys in Queen. I tried not to look at other blogs before I wrote mine but I couldn't help myself!! I will try not to let it effect what I think.

Here they are as I saw it.

Ace sucked. There is not much more to say. I don't think you can get away with changing that type a song without MAJOR backlash. I'd love to see Kellie go but I think it's your turn Ace! You should have been born into the Boy Band era. Sorry! But, maybe, I got sucked in by the AI Machine. I think they wanted Ace to go so they did everything they could to help him out the door.

I've thought about Bucky's performance all night (and morning) and I think I've come to a decision, I love the song and, therefore, loved Bucky last night but not for being Bucky, just for singing one of my favorite songs. I thought he did a decent job but nothing note worthy. I agree with Simon this time.

Why does America keep voting for Kellie? She was horrible last night yet the judges praised her. After that performance coupled with what the judges said, if I was Kellie, I'd be wondering what the hell was going on. Pimping at it's finest!

Now for Chris...I'm at a loss for words. I normally love Chris but last night was a very bad night for him. Not the worst performance by far but still pretty bad. I find myself agreeing with Simon and wondering if Randy is dipping into Paula's stash. He scream-sang the whole, repetitive thing and just managed to give me a headache. Oh! Way too much eyeliner honey!!

Katharine was VERY pitchy. The clip they showed during the wrap up only cemented that fact in my mind. Mandisa would have been awesome. The judges were kind. Since they want Ace gone, everyone else pretty much got a pass for this show.

Goofy Taylor is back! Loved the missed kick at the mic stand. I thought he was entertaining. Not much more than that. He's got a ton of fans so he'll be here a long time.

On to my darling, underdog Elliott! I really hope he makes it far! The song started out a little rough but he pulled it out for a fantastic ending!! The judges were kind and I think that helps...sometimes.

Paris had the best performance hands down!! I couldn't look away and found myself smiling and, at one point, talking out loud about her. I can't say how much I loved it! Not to keen on the hair last night. Oh well!

I think Ace is history tonight. I would LOVE to have it be Kellie but that's not going to happen!!

I just checked out DialIdol!! Here are the standings according to them:
1 Taylor Hicks 31.38
2 Kellie Pickler 27.912
3 Paris Bennett 26.298
4 Elliott Yamin 24.404
5 Katharine McPhee 22.55
6 Chris Daughtry 22.404
7 Bucky Covington 16.585
8 Ace Young 16.31

Can't wait until tonight!!


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