One More Day!

I need help! AI is consuming my life!! Oh well! It could be worse.

Love songs are up next. I'm not so sure about this theme. I think the themes have been pretty tame and I some excitement!! Please let Rock be next!!!

My darling Elliott seems to be on the ropes for this week even before a note has been sung! I think he has done OUTSTANDING considering he hasn't gotten pimped hardly at all. He has to be very proud of himself. He needs to blow it out of the water tomorrow to hang on. I'm not sure what kind of career he will have but I'll buy his first CD!!

Paris isn't doing much better than Elliott at this point. She had such promise! I think if she would have lived up to that promise from the beginning, no one would be able to touch her...even Kellie with her devoted fans or Katherine with her wonderful voice!

Speaking of Kellie, PLEASE let her suck again!! Let her think she can do the Titanic song!! She will bomb if she does Celine! Everyone! Cross your fingers!! I so want her to go down!! She is the weak link vocally and needs to be sent packing. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll have a fine career of acting dumb! She seems to do it so well (according to the votes).

Chris is sinking down the drain as well. I think he'll have a great career in and alt rock band and be very famous. I'm not sure how the contracts work with AI but he might be wishing to leave before the final 3! Maybe the sink is part of his plan.

Taylor doesn't need AI either. He will be great and make tons of cash. No worries!

Katharine needs this and has a shot of winning it. I don't know if she can do it but she does need it in order to make it.

Who goes home Wednesday isn't decided (mainly because they still have to sing!!) but it's clear that Taylor and Kathrine will be safe. If Elliott knocks one out of the park, he might be safe as well. Kellie has a risk of going to the bottom three this week if she stinks again and will have a chance of going home if she sucks at Celine (please, oh please!). Paris will be in the bottom three no matter what she does, I think it's just too late for her. Chris is walking the line (ha-ha) this week but won't be going home. Elliott, Paris, and Kellie (please, oh please) need to watch their P's & Q's!!

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